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Jun 29, 2006 05:52 PM

brazilian food in Los Angeles?

Open to Westside, Hollywood, LA, SFV, anywhere really! Just as long as it's GOOD!


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  1. Without a doubt, hands down....Pampas in the Farmers Market. Of course, be prepared to wait in line if you come in the evenings. If you prefer no lines, try lunch time during the week...not as crowded.

    1. Try Zabumba - plus with Brazil still in the World Cup you get a rather "lively" crowd.

      Zabumba Restaurant
      10717 Venice Blvd

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        I had the feijoada there Tuesday morning for the game. It was pricy but quite good.

        cafe Brasil is three blocks away.

        There used to be a place on Santa Monica serving Bahian food (xim-xim, vatapa) but they closed. Anyone have any suggestions for non=churrascaria places?

      2. in Glendale. Good Stuff, or In Azusa. Also good stuff, been going there for years, & it's been about 2 years since Ive been. Enjoy and let me know what U think if U go.

        1. I really like Cafe Brasil on Venice Blvd. They have a great "executive lunch" comb with steak, rice, beans and plantains.

          1. Cafe Brasil is GREAT! My boyfriend loves one [Samba? I think] in/near Redondo Beach.

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              What's good at Cafe Brasil? I had the Fejoda last time, did not like...also had some of their sandwhiches.....not good. I watned to like this place but I didn't.