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Jun 29, 2006 05:50 PM

veggie friendly mexican food

I am looking for some suggestions for veggie friendly mexican place either in San Francisco or in the Peninsula. By Veggie friendly, mainly where the beans are not cooked in lard and possibly more varieties than just a burrito.


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  1. Papalote on 24th near Valencia doesn't cook their beans in lard. They have many interesting options and usually a decent crowd.

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      and the smoky salsa is incredible. my veggie friend swears by the soy-rizo.

      they have a new location out near usf, too.

    2. Most decent places cook their refried beans w/ lard, but you are almost always safe with whole cooked beans. Another thing to consider is that rice is often cooked w/ chicken stock. My go-to place when I lived in SF was El Toro on 17th near Valencia. I can't verify the vegetarian-ness of their refrieds, but their rice gets the veggie-friendly thumbs up.

      1. Say what you will about Chevys, but they don't use lard and my vegetarian and vegan friends are pretty happy with their options there (particularly the veggie fajitas).

        An old co-worker of mine was good friends with the original founder of Chevys, and the founder took my friend to lunch at La Taqueria in San Francisco in the early 1980s, and said that La Taqueria had inspired him to start a restaurant based on the same concepts (healthy Mexican food). And of course a few years later Chevys was born. Anyway, my point is that La Taqueria might fill the bill.

        Hola on the Avenue in Burlingame seems like the kind of place that would serve some vegetarian dishes. My vegan friend seemed happy there.

        1. i must concur with the papalote comment. i also heard about them from chowhound (old school). must, must, must try the tofu mole burrito with black refried beans. yummy!