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Jun 29, 2006 05:49 PM

Only in town for one night - Where to eat?


I am in search of a great meal in Boston. I'm only in town for one night and was looking for a special meal. Since it's one night the price doesn't matter and we will seriously eat any cuisine put in front of us.


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  1. From where are you visiting? This might help narrow down suggestions. For example, if coming from the Bay Area, then we'd know not to recommend sushi or Asian cuisines.

    1. Put L'Espalier on your list of places to consider. Pricey but superlative French.

      1. I'd suggest omakase at Uni.

        1. I second tha omakase at Uni. It is one of my favorite meals in Boston.

          1. I'm coming from New York. I just like to eat the best that I can when I go to a different place.