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Jun 29, 2006 05:36 PM

al noor, al watan, koh i noor? lawndale love?

finally checked out al noor last night. it rocked. totally hit the spot.

we got the mix grill plate, shrimp tikka masala (even though i had the suspicion this was a gringo dish) okra, veggie biryani, chili naan and a kulfi at the end of dinner.

the grilled meats werent as fresh as i would hope but i suspected this might be the case before we went because it was towards closing. still loved it.

how do the other restaurants compare. i noticed koh i noor has live enterntainment so it must be a larger restaurant (worse food though?)

i think al watan will be my next stop.

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  1. I hear that the chef at Al Watan used to be the chef at Al Noor. We did lunch at Al Noor this afternoon and it certainly did ROCK! 15 of us ate to our hearts content.

    Chicken Redhmi - boneless tandoori chicken
    Boti Kabob - beef steak cooked in tandoori
    Chicken Tikka Masala
    Shrimp Tikka Masala
    Dal Tarka - curry lentils
    Aaloo Gobi - curry cauliflower and potatoes
    Chana Masala - garbanzo beans in onion and spicy tomato sauce
    Baigan Bharta - mashed eggplant
    Plain Rice w/saffron
    Vegetable Biryani - rice with vegetables and spices

    All with plenty of naan

    My favorite dishes were the Dal Tarka(lentils), Vege Biryani, and Chicken Redhmi(with the red sauce in the bottle on the tables).

    1. i really love the haleem (shredded beef and lentils) at al watan.

      1. I love Al-Noor, maybe my favorite restaurant in all of LA. Went to Koh-i-noor about a year ago because I found a good coupon. I think al noor and koh-i-noor are owned by the same people, because their menu is EXACTLY the same. I got the paneer tikka massala at both places. Al noor was defently better, but koh-i-noor's was still tasty. Howeever, I would say that al noor's naan is miles ahead of koh-i-noor's. Al-Watan is next on my list.