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Jun 29, 2006 05:25 PM

Best Sushi Happy Hour - San Diego

I'm in San Diego for the Summer and want some recs for good sushi happy hours, or cheap sushi in general. OR even cheap omakase.

I've gone to Sushi Deli: the rolls are cheap and decent, but the sushi was unremarkable, at least for my order.

I'm going to hit up Ichiban, Surfside, and Sushi on the Rock. Any input?


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  1. For Sushi on the Rock.. oyster shooters and for your fried fix: monkey balls the calamari are good Happy Hour specials, otherwise it's pretty limited. Not familiar with Ichiban or Surfside. In Solana Beach, Nobu has a happy hour at the bar (not sushi bar) haven't tried it yet. Will post my recent dinner review of Nobu soon.

    1. Ichiban is cheap - not sure that it's all that good. Best sushi is Sushi Ota. They have lunch specials during the week that are inexpensive AND terrific.

      1. Edo Sushi in UTC has a happy hour during the week. I've never been to their happy hour but have gone many times for lunch and dinner. Sushi is good and reasonably priced, service is friendly.

        1. My favorite is Niban in Clairemont Mesa at 805 -- there's another location in PB on Garnet -- Ichiban PB (they also used to have Sanban across from Horton Plaza, but lost their lease). If you like Spicy Tuna -- go for the hand roll, it's a big fat loaded cone of Ahi and fixins in a great, creamy spicy sauce. I'm more of a roll eater and thier's are just fresh and wonderful for a great price. They also have 2 daily sushi specials, so just ask when you call in or look on the white board when you walk in.