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Jun 29, 2006 05:22 PM

Culver City Farmers Market eats

We tried a couple of stalls for dinner on Tuesday after running into Surfas Cafe and realizing that while they are open until 6:30, they only sell pastries and no other food at that time. Bummer.

The two stalls were adjacent - korean and peruvian. We got a tofu plate at the first and "chicken fried rice" at the second. Tofu plate was ok. It came w/3 blocks of premarinated and sliced firm tofu. It didn't have the look or taste of something grilled, which would have added. Served kind of cold-ish, which wasn't great. However, it came with some passable glass noodles, some decent kimchee, and steamed rice. Pretty good grub overall. The also offered meat dishes but I can't attest as to the quality.

Peruvian chicken fried rice was disappointing. There was nothing Peruvian about it to differentiate from every other fried rice you have ever eaten at a fast food chinese place. Maybe only the little container of light green spicy sauce to pour on top. That plus the fact that every single piece of chicen in the fried rice (they were nuggets) had some cartilage or gristle, and it's not an experience I'll return for.

Both plates were a generous amount of food for about 7 or 8 dollars apiece.

My impression is that the prepared food offerings are much tastier at the Sunday SM on Main, the Sunday Hollywood, and the Thursday SPas. I haven't sampled the prepared foods elsewhere.

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  1. My favorite prepared foods are in the Hollywood FM on Sundays... HEAVEN... :)

    But you are right about CC, we were there this week too and opted for a salad from Tender Greens (The space is nice, but I was not WOWED by the look or taste of the food...)


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      We almost went there but with baby in tow, we wanted quick and dirty. I sometimes feel like we are on chow-think, especially when people post about some place and someone else chimes in that they were sitting at the next table!

      What did you try at tender greens?

      1. re: sasha1

        We tried the grilled Veggie Salad (Most of the veggies were squashes, but they did throw in a grilled tomato! YUM!) and the carrot cake top which actually was better than I expected, but small.


      2. re: Dommy

        I like the local sausage vendor at culver city's market Alan's Market. They are also at the Saturday Pico SM Market. For $5 you can get a sausage or Carne Asada sandwich and $8 gets both [I much prefer their sausage but avoid the "italians" theirs are not as flavorful as they should be]. Plus they have a pretty good pints Ceviche. The Tamales vendor is good. plus if you want to get off the street go to Grand Casino Bakery on the east side behind the vendors. They have a soup and empanada special for $5.