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Jun 29, 2006 05:07 PM

Ideas for edmame

I bought a huge bag of edamame and I'm looking for ways to use them up. I've already done the boil and eat from the pod thing. I've also stirfried them in various ways: with shrimps and peanuts, with ground pork, with tofu. I've also served them cold with beancurd sheets. Wondering if anyone else has any ideas/favourite preparations for them?

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  1. A salad of bitter greens, roasted peppers (and some of the squash from that other poster), bean sprouts, mint and cilantro with a simple black rice vinegarette.

    Wrap them up as the ingredient in a California Roll in place of avacado!

    Add them to a slaw of jicima, hot peppers, cilantro, mint, tomato, ginger and garlic with a lime vinegarette.

    1. Another salad idea: Asparagus (tips blanched, thin stalks raw and thinly sliced--or both blanched) and fava beans on arugula with evoo, S&P, and shaved pecorino drizzled with balsamic. Served to my BF as a salad course and he asked for it a few days later as a main course.

      1. I stir them into cold Chinese sesame-peanut noodles for protein and flavor - a summery one-dish meal if you also add thin strips of bell peppers (I prefer red, yellow and orange to green in this).

        1. My favorite cool-weather dish: smashed yukon golds, edamame beans, diced tomato, chopped scallions, plenty of good olive oil and salt and pepper. i recently turned it into a hot-weather dish, as a potato salad variant -- just do the potatoes as you normally would for potato salad, mix ingredients together while warm, dress with some vinegar and olive oil, serve at room temp.

          1. I like edamame hummus. Puree the same way as you would hummus, but don't use tahini, just oil, lime juice instead of lemon, a drizzle of toasted sesame oil. Garnish with cilantro, ground cumin and smoked paprika.

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              Edamame hummus is a great idea. The Food Network has a good recipe that I've made to great acclaim.


              Next time, I'm going to use Aaron's suggested garnishes - especially the cumin and smoked paprika. Yum!