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Jun 29, 2006 04:46 PM

Quick Tip: How to link to a specific post

Oooh I'm so excited to discover this. I did a search on this board and didn't see it mentioned, so I'm sorry if I'm not the first to post about it.

So you know how sometimes there's a very long thread? And deep down the thread someone posts something you want to bookmark? But if you bookmark the whole thread, it'll be a pain to scroll through it looking for that one post you want. Well I discovered you can bookmark just one post in a thread!

At the top of each post, before the "about x hours ago user X replied", there's a symbol like a single section of a chain link (or like a mini UFO). Click on that symbol to link to that post only. Then add the bookmark to your IE or Firefox or other browser bookmarks. When you open your bookmark next time, you'll see that post at the top of your screen. And obviously this is also how you point someone to a particular post (not just the thread). Yay! I love you, new Board!!

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  1. Cool, I was wondering what the heck that new link icon was, didn't occur to me to hover my mouse over it and find out it was a link.

    I think, however, that a little clarification is in order. By clicking on the link icon of a given posting, you are causing the number of that specific posting to be appended to the URL in your browser Address window. Normally only the number of the topic/thread starter displays here. So now you can click on the link icon for a specific posting, then copy the full URL from the Address window to paste somewhere else.


    Here is what I think of fry geometry>

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      Right. A little more clarification. By clicking on that icon,

      - the topic will NOT appear in the bookmark section of your "My Chow" screen.

      - the next time you open the topic, you will not be taken to that part of the post.

      But as Chino and Alice mentioned, it is WONDERFULLY useful for (as mentioned)

      - inserting in a reply when you want to point to a specific part of another topic. That is, "On Home Cooking in the Oyster Recipes topic someone has this recipe for cheesy oysters. Does a local restaurant serve this. Here's the link to the recipe in that post"

      - keeping for your own info whether that is bookmarked in your browser or cut and pasted into however you keep valued Chowhound treads - Word document, spreadsheet, database ... etc

      Having caught up in my reading since the installation, I was trying to think how to adjust the way I use Chowhound.

      I've been bookmarking long posts that I might not have time to read at one time. However, if I read part of the post, I have to remember where I left off ... bummer. Also, I have to scroll up and hit the bookmark button.

      Now instead of bookmarking in Chowhound. I bookmark where I left off in my browser adding it to my "Chowhound - to read" folder.

      So thank you ... THANK you, Alice. One of the most useful tips to date. This one you can't chalk up to the software though. That was available in the old software. However, it means we didn't lose some functionality and that is a good thing ... a very good thing.

      I'm going to start hovering again Chino. On day one I was doing some of that but most icons, like the envelope next to 'report this post' don't say anything. I'll start treasure hunting again.

    2. Thanks for the input. I think I know what you're talking about, lol!

      1. Good catch, Alice. I thought the UFO was there just to, well, look cute.

        1. We'd just like to bring this post to everyone's attention. Thanks.