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Jun 29, 2006 04:32 PM

Lunch around the Entertainment/Financial District District

Looking for some new places, dont mind walking too far, In the past few weeks I have eaten here for lunch just for reference.

The Sandwich Box
Buritto Boyz
Osgoode Hall
Hal Burger

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  1. Terroni? Richmond & Victoria.

    1. jules tarterie - if you like a good quiche and more than reasonable prices. salads, sandwiches and a $20 prix fixe to boot. on spadina between queen w and richmond.

      fresh/juice for life - a little vegan/vegetarian options. i'm a fan of their burgers, a little nutty and vege and very interesting. on spadina between queen w and richmond

      tutti matti - southern italian food with wonderful options including carpaccios and fish in parchment. on adelaide before spadina (?)

      thuet - someone said their bakery is now putting out salads and sandwiches? not the healthiest, but i'd live off of his croissants in a heartbeat.

      fat belgian - haven't been yet because i was hoping they'd offer more beers i haven't heard of but they have your usual beligan offerings and apparently some pretty decent mussels, burgers, etc. big patio. off of john st north of adelaide... right around the corner from avalon and beside the brasserie.

      happy eats!

      1. Ackee Tree Jamaican Cuisine (Spadina/Queen)
        Yummy Jamaican food in a cool modern space.

        1. Sushiman at Richmond and Victoria is good for Japanese comfort food like noodle soups, sukiyaki and what not. Despite the name, the sushi is not that good. The other menu items, though, are.

          1. I had a really nice lunch at Fred's Not Here a couple of weeks ago. For a $15 prix Fixe it wasn't bad. Crab and Lobster Bisque and then Salmon with lentils. Excellent service as well.

            We ended up going there after waiting for over 45 minutes at Hey Lucy without them even asking for our drink order... Even when were got up to leave they didn't speak to us.