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Jun 29, 2006 04:22 PM

New Green Bo A couple of questions

I've been perusing the menu on menupages. Which of the many dumplings listed are soup dumplings? When people say to only order 3 dishes for 2, does that include the appetizers and special cold dishes? If we get soup dumplings and scallion pancakes, should we then split a single entree? TIA. You guys are great. Last time I was up, my buddy who has lived in Manhattan for 15 years wanted to know how I found all these great places that he's never heard of.

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  1. I'd say first go with some soup dumplings, then add: 2 mains, or 1 main & several cold dishes, or possibly 2 mains & 1 cold app. Don't count the scallion pancake as a dish. It would be like counting bread. Or, order more and leave some over. It's cheap enough.

    1. sticky buns = soup dumplings

      i'd also recommend the yellow fish appetizer and the chow fun with shredded beef and perserved cabbage (not on menu)

      1. I assume you meant to say "steamed tiny buns"!

        1. i always get suckered into ordering the pan fried pork dumplings too. they're a different shape than traditional ones, long and thin, not resembling dumplings at all. they are perfectly crisped to a brown on the outside, and juicy inside. yum

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            Yeah, I love their fried dumplings. I bought a bunch of food to take home to bkln several months ago, and I ended up eating half the dumplings on the subway platform, grease running down my chin. I just could not help myself!

          2. The portions are quite large at NGB. Two orders of dumplings and an entree could do it; but the (happy) problem at NGB is that there is a kind of relentlessness to dumplings, and after 2 or 3, you're ready to taste something else. So take everyone's advice: order more than you need and take the rest home. It's very cheap.

            Don't miss the Shanghai Kau Fu in the cold dishes: it's like nothing you've ever eaten. Looks like pieces of foam insulation that got soaked by a leaking pipe, tastes like - well, just order it. Mushroomy and smooth.