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Jun 29, 2006 04:11 PM

Pepper Jack Cheese Sucks! Or does it? [Moved from Home Cooking]

I've always hated pepper jack cheese for the same reason that I hated my high school girl friend; all tease and no heat.

I mean, it clearly states on the wrapper that it has "jalepeno peppers", which was like when my high school girl friend wore those tight tops and short skirts, but neither ever produced anything discernable in warmth or that oozy gooey stuff... I digress.

Plainly, both lied.

However, there is a new pepper jack cheese in town that delivers on its' promises. Oh yeah, she'll heat you up and give you that satisfaction you so crave. She hurt you, in a good way, while keeping a smile on your face after the fact; that knowing grin that only you two understand. Yes, she is that good.

I normally don't date the "girls of the class", but this cheese is so good I have to praise it. Land O Lakes Hot Pepper Jack Cheese is just that lass. You can taste the peppers. You can feel the heat. You love each and every bite and you remember how good it was after the fact, only craving more.

I heart you, Land O Lakes Hot Pepper Jack Cheese. Please give me more... please.

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  1. I never had a high school girl friend but still appreciate the metaphor. Glad you finally found the ultimate.

    I add heat in the form of chili bean paste or sriracha if I want spice with cheese. Don't like teasers either, just the real thing.

    1. hee hee! I bet you got a better grade than your high school girlfriend in that creative writing class!

      1. My Mom just picked some up from the deli and it was hot as hades, and I like it hot. It may have been LOL too. It will be great in quesadillas.

        1. there is also a company out west (maybe crystal farms?) that makes habanero jack. It will make your hair stand up!

          1. LOL is pretty much my favorite, too, but when I'm feeling like pampering myself I get the May-Bud - just as spicy, and a lot creamier.

            Actually, my alltime favorite jalapeño cheese was a peppered Chihuahua cheese from a Mexican-foods producer in Chicago. I used to get it from a Mexican grocery in Nashville. Strangely enough, now I'm in SoCal, practically in a real barrio, and NONE of the Latino groceries have this cheese, though there's another variety that isn't bad.

            I'm gonna go look for that habañero jack!

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            1. re: Will Owen

              Sadly this is a Cacique town, so no Chichuahua! I used to travel to Chicago and bring their cheese back! I like it SO much better than Cacique...

              Also for cheese with a BITE, I love Boarshead Horseraddish Cheddar... It gives me shivers when I eat it on its own!