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Jun 29, 2006 04:05 PM

Soupy (italian sausage) in Westerly, RI

go to Ritacco's hole in the wall market on 84 Oak Street ((401) 596-1835) and ask for this. It is absolutely amazing and I have not found it anywhere else.

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  1. agreed, Ritacco's is a great place - we also love their made to order hot sandwiches, like the eggplant, sausage or meatball parmesans. also, for great soupy, try Dipper's Packing Company on Ledward ave. near the water tower and close to Ritacco's. He also makes great bread and rolls, and supplies many of the local restaurants. I think that he is only open Fri - Sun, but it is worth the trip.

    1. Can you explain "soupy" for the non-RI person? Thanks.

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        "Soupy" is short for Soprasatta, a hard, spicy salami popular in Westerly and RI in general.

        1. re: TrollKing

          ...and in Italy too! Thanks for the explanation.

          1. re: Rick_V

            the soupy at ritacco's is different and better than most Soprasatta you will find anywhere else.

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              There is another one called Fortuna's sold in local stores I tried it last week to compare its was less than edible. I made 200 pounds this year with 3 instructors from school. My families recipe from Westerly over 100 years in our family. It is Bling as you can find

              1. re: Frank Terranova

                I believe Dave's Marketplace (many stores in RI) carries this brand of Soprasatta, at least they do at the EG location...

                1. re: Sean

                  DONT buy is its soft Very Salty due to the cure, dont waste your money. This is an opinion who makes 200 pounds each year

                  1. re: Frank Terranova

                    I agree always soft every time I bought it there. I prefer to make it but have bought good stuff once at sunrise market believe it or not

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                  I want to start making sausage at home. Is there anywhere local to purchase sausage casings?

                  1. re: CheesyWiner

                    In the Westerly area, talk to Steve, who runs the meat dept at McQuade's in Mystic.

                    1. re: CheesyWiner

                      The largest place to purchase all the products to make Soupy is Westerly Packing. They will spec. and grind the meat if you like plus all the spices and casings. But It might be too late to start it this year. It takes about 7-8 weeks to cure I made mine with two other chefs from school this year we finished about 225 drying going on two weeks on a porch with a constant 35 degrees which is a bit cold so it will take longer to cure. No nitrares should be used because with the proper use of salt, bacteria cant grow. Most people use meat called cushion meat. I use ultra boneless butts with about a 80% lean. There is a product called Fortunas I bought one its HORRID. mushy, flavorless . Good Luck.

                      111 Pleasant St, Attleboro, MA 02703

                      1. re: Frank Terranova

                        I second the motion on Westerly Packing

          2. Yes, Ritacco's is great. They have an amazing variety of food for such a small space. We go there all the time for cheeses at way lower prices than supermarket. Their imported gorgonzola and ricotta salata are outstanding. One caveat--if you try shopping during lunch hours, you may have a fairly long wait., because they're busy making sandwiches.
            And across the street is Vesta's bakery which has excellent breads, pastries and by far the best croissants in the area.

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              The almond croissants at Vesta! Nice breads also, asiago bread, mmmm!

              1. re: Joltingjoey

                If you're neat the airport, try Joyce's Everyday Gourmet too! Good, homemade food!

                Joyce's Everyday Gourmet
                105 Franklin St, Westerly, RI 02891

                1. re: okra

                  agreed, Joyce's has some great stuff - I hope that the area can support it. also, Vesta is no longer across the street from Ritacco's - they moved and are close to the train station, near the Knickerbocker. And I still stand my my assertion that Dipper makes the best soupy in town, as well as many other terrific things.

                  1. re: bigmetfan

                    Is that Dippolino who makes it. I had it a long long time ago it was good but nothing beats it when you make it yourself and its one of the easiest things to make. It just takes time and loving care.

                    1. re: Frank Terranova

                      I hear ya - yes, it is Dippolino that I am referring to. I'm sure that it tastes great when you make it yourself. I am not native, and just discovered the stuff about 10 years ago, with Dipper being my #1 supplier. He is a talented guy.

              2. I love Dipper's soupy! I was lucky enough to make it with him a couple of times.
                Fortuna's is horrid stuff!
                I haven't hung my own yet, but what do you expext from a good irish boy? I do intend to, some day.
                I did make homemade ricotta this weekend.