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Jun 29, 2006 03:54 PM

Potomac Pizza?

Potomac Pizza is opening in Chevy Chase ( this weekend - apparently they already have three stores... has anyone been? Is it any good? What's the style of pizza?


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  1. I was there years ago to the original shop and LOVED it. Have been longing to return, but it's just not convenient from NovA.

    1. I've gone to the one in Gaithersburg for years. It's edible, nothing exciting.

      1. I work next door to the one in Potomac, and take home a pizza probably once a month. I like it. The crust is a little thin in the middle, but nicely chewy on the outside. Sauce is a good balance of sweet and spicey. Toppings are pretty good too, and not too heavy or too sparse. Prices are reasonable for this neighborhood, which is not to say cheap. Sure beats any delivery, but comes up a little short of Vaci.

        1. I just ate there for lunch. It was surprising to see such a basic pizza joint in posh Chevy Chase. It's basically just another pizza place with the parmesan and pepper flake dispensers on the table, and possibly a half step up. Great, speedy service, but the pizza is really nothing special.

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            I used to live near the original location in Potomac Village. I never understood why they did as much business as they did--in those days at least, Tally Ho across the road had much better pizza. I think it is another example of how location and visibility trump quality every time.

          2. eh... it's ok and better than Dominoe's etc., but I failed to find why people raved.