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Jun 29, 2006 03:29 PM

any good chip clips?

I always have problems with chip clips breaking. Are there any good ones out there.

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  1. Yes. The best thing to get are large binder clips from an office supply store. They are strong as heck, never break, and are very cheap.

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    1. re: Darren72

      thanks! funny thing is that at my old job I used to use them (medium size) on snacks in my office because that's all that was available....never really thought about actually purchasing the large ones for home- duh!

      1. re: pamd

        That is exactly what I use... Super Strong, Super Cheap and they look decent!! :)


    2. I use clothespins. My husband uses rubber bands, not over the whole bag, just around the top.

      1. One more vote for office binder clips! I keep various sizes in my kitchen drawer.
        Clip a carton of milk closed -- to extend freshness
        Fold and close cellophane packages (rice, beans, pancake mix)
        Clip a "freeze date" note to a package in the freezer

        1. I like those French clothes pins that you can often find in cooking shops. They come in a box of a dozen and are either stainless or coated in plastic in colors. They seem to be indestructible. I use them for all sorts of stuff, closing back those bags of frozen veg, flour sacks, chips etc.

          1. Twixits! are so much better than chip clips. They come in assorted sizes and I use them in place of the obnoxious "twist ties" or little pieces of plastic that come on pkgs of bread, english muffins, etc. they are great because you can use them in the freezer and the microwave as well, i think. got mine at sur la table but i think they are available in many kitchen specialy stores. They are made in Sweden and they close with one snap. Everyone I know who has used them loves them and won't use anything else.

            Here is a link that shows what they look like: