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Jun 29, 2006 03:18 PM

WOW !!!!! 2005 French

Why are all the French futures going through the roof... Pay $700 for an 2005 Latour pay in now.. get the bottle in 2008 ... and drink it in 2020. What am I missing here?

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  1. Robert Parker gave Pauillac a 93, if I remember correctly (and other Bordeaux regions even higher). The Chicago Wine Company is selling 93 Latours for $750.

    1. I believe being 'the best Bordeaux vintage EVER' has something to do with it! Furthermore, when you have 'collectors'(not consumers) start treating the 2005s as 'must-have' collectibles, then, it is only natural that wine merchants will take advantage of this feeding frenzy, hike up the price and make a killing.

      1. Hello, when you quote 'best bordeaux vintage...' are you shading toward agreeing with or going contrary to the 'conventional wisdom'? There was an interesting recent post on this board about the ratings for a semi-older Mouton R. and discussion about whose ratings are dependable.

        You make a crucial distinction between consumers and collectors. Are you a consumer (as I am most definitely), and do you rely at all on the experts in making choices, if so, whose 'taste' is compatible with yours? Parker seems partial to Bordeaux(unfortunately for my budget, I am too because they whimsically combine variablity--the different communes and chateau--and consistency) and giving them higher scores than Wine Spec. for example, so I try to get multiple tasting reports when I'm shopping. Since I'm going to drink and not resell, all I hope for is a nice mouthful or two in the future. cheers

        1. yeah, it's hard to imagine the release prices being much higher. i looked into it, and actually declined to buy. i guess real estate isn't much fun anymore, so folks have to get excited about something.

          1. As high as the first tranche prices may seem to be, I'm sure they'll be going even higher. Demand is enormous for the 2005 vintage classed growths. Brokers are scrambling to get more stock to try to fill the orders they have. Some are holding back inventory for later release at higher prices.

            Historically Bordeaux prices have reflected not only the quality and quantity of the vintage, but also global economic conditions. Southeast Asia is back and the Singaporeans are buying with gusto again. I talked to a couple negociants over the weekend and they were looking forward to a rise in 2003 and 2004 prices, pulled up by the 2005 pricing.