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Jun 29, 2006 03:15 PM

Breakfast downtown?

I've got a group of surly photographers meeting downtown for breakfast; not your high-fashion, trim-waistline types per se. We're looking for someplace with great morning chow, a comfortable atmosphere (can't rush these guys out of the booth in 20 minutes!), and perhaps even a good neighborhood for walking.


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  1. The Pantry. Good hearty manly breakfast.

    1. Agreed. Be sure to order the sourdough toast and potatoes "well done" and avoid the ham if your're a ham lover. I find it watery and flacid, but with a great char that promises more flavor than the meat can deliver.

      1. Pantry is a good rec.

        Along the same lines, I would also suggest CLIFTON'S CAFETERIA - old fashioned, comfort chow and they'll provide you with your own meeting room for large groups.

        Oh and don't forget PHILIPPE'S for breakfast, where coffee is less than a dime!

        1. How about Langers....Mmmmm pastrami and eggs. YUM!

          1. Pacific Dining Car serves great breakfast fare. A little pricier, though.