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Jun 29, 2006 02:49 PM

Fava Tendrils???

Here is an intersting one for you cooks... we got a new green from our local CSA farm and the farmer said they are "fava tendrils-the fava tendrils are the tip of the fava bean plants and are great cooked with olive oil ang garlic." This is a big bunch of leafy greens with greyish pods dispersed among the stems. Now the question is do I saute the greens or just the pods? Has anyone tried these? Any other suggestions on what to do with these would be great as I have three bunches!


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  1. I've never seen them with the pods, just the leaves. The leaves are fantastic, light, and delicious. As you said, best used simply sauteed with garlic in some olive oil, and I do like the addition of pine nuts and currants.

    1. Leaves are very good sauteed as Aaron suggested. I am wondering about the "grayish pods." I grow favas and the only time the pods are gray is when they stunt and die. Otherwise the pods are green. These are likely late-in-the-season fava greens, the pods aren't going anywhere as it is too hot, and your CSA is doing what they can with the greens before they pull out the plants.

      1. Thanks Aaron and Junie D! I will try sauteing. I was also thinking... do you think I could make a pesto with it or does it need to be cooked first?

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          I'm not sure the flavor is right for pesto - assuming you mean pesto to put on pasta, bread, soup, etc. Fava greens have the texture and taste similar to a leafy green such as chard or spinach, not an herb like basil or parsley. But by all means try it and let us know!