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Jun 29, 2006 02:45 PM

White Mountains over the 4th--need a suggestion for Monday night

We're staying at a b&b in Crawford Notch that serves dinner on Saturday and Sunday, but we are on our own on Monday night. Any suggestions in Jackson or North Conway? How about the Mt. Washington Hotel or the Wentworth? I remember reading a post about a great pizzeria in N. Conway...?

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  1. Jackson has Wildcat Tavern; North Conway pizza is probably Flatbreads. Many country inns in the area. Do a google - you won't be disappointed. Two new restaurants: Northern Lights and Cider Mill. Both receive good reviews.

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      Where are Northern Lights and Cider Mill located? Thanks.

      1. re: whs

        Northern Lights has closed. Cider Mill is located in Bartlett on Rte. 302.