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Any thoughts on Cuchi Cuchi?

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It's been a couple of years since our last visit and we're thinking of bringing a party of ten there soon. How's the food?

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  1. I was there about a month ago with a group of 18. The food and service was great. One of the things I really liked was that they really know how to handle a larger party - they paced the food so it did not all come out at once, and offered to make suggestions if people did not know how to order using the 'small plate' concept. Some of my favorite items that we had that night were the oysters rockefeller, the fried zucchini with serrano ham and manchego cheese, the beef ribs, the seared tuna... the menu is diverse enough to please any picky eaters in your group. Also, cocktails are excellent. They are strict about not seating you until your whole party is there, so make sure your group shows up on time. Have fun!

    1. It's been a while since I've sat down to dinner here: I don't recognize a single dish on the current menu. The pan-European small plates tend to be good but not transporting. It's a nice-looking room, and usually quite loud. Service can be variable, perhaps a function of ragged kitchen pacing; don't go by for a quick meal. Two hours is typical to get in and out.

      My main reason to visit is for drinks: their bartenders are superb, and put together some first-rate, original cocktails, many with unusual liquors (cordials, infusions, bitters), fresh fruits, and muddled herbs. But it's not the comfiest bar, either, often jammed to the gills.

      1. I've been there; if you like the hugely loud dining experience, by all means - but when it means that I can't hear the person sitting half a meter from me, I'll pass.

        The food was really quite good.

        1. I have only been there once to eat and a few times for drinks. Stick to the drinks, the tapas were terrible. The bar ambiance is fun for a change.

          1. It's a friendly place for a women traveling alone. Food and service are pretty consistent and the atmosphere is festive without being too much of a pick-up joint.

            1. If i could only have one resturant in my life it would be cuchi cuchi (dali on rainy days)the vibe is always a party always a good costume and always a good time. the food is pretty consistent and varied and the cocktails are fun and good. It is the one place i bring my out of town friends for a consistent good time and we always have a blast (and always wind up spending more on cocktails than food-oops!)its like th e limbo between someones fun party and a decent restuarant

              1. I'm reviving this old thread with the hopes of finding out if someone knows how much dinner for two would run at Cuchi Cuchi...I'm a non-drinker, she may have 1, but other than that, just a ballpark idea.

                And I've been reading up on it, anyone visit recently? The poor service/attitudes in there scare me! Has it changed at all?

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                  Menu: http://www.cuchicuchi.cc/menu.html

                  Don't know about the service, as I haven't been in several years.