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Jun 29, 2006 02:42 PM

Uncle Spud's closes in Sunnyside, Queens

The recent attempt to save the faltering Uncle Spud's in Sunnyside by changing the name to Town Square Diner and adding Italian, Greek and Hispanic dishes to the menu apparently proved unsuccessful. The place is closed tighter than a drum, with all exterior signage removed. Too bad, as the original American fare including cheesesteak sandwiches, funnel cakes, and fish-and-chips was rather good and reasonably priced. The owners must have lost a bundle, as the site, formerly occupied by a meat market, was totally renovated and under construction for more than a year.

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  1. Sad, and I never got to go!

    1. The site now displays a "For Rent" sign. Unfortunately, the premises are right next to a pet store which sells dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits, some of them displayed in the front window and/or in cages on the sidewalk. It's one of Sunnyside's shoddiest businesses, and may have been responsible for keeping diners away from Uncle Spud's.

      1. Though I was never interested in Uncle Spuds, I must say it was always a little disconcerting to shop in the Meat-O-Mat, smelling of pet shop as it did.

        Up With Olives (formerly K. McB.)

        1. Don't be dissin Ben's Meat-O-Mat! They had good rotisserie!!

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          1. re: Monkey Man Jake

            So where's a good place for Sunnyside rotisserie now?

            1. re: ChicaDIficil

              Pio Pio Rico's just fine... just up the street from the once and former Ben's Meat-o-Mat.

              It's not as good as Pio Pio in Jackson Heights... but it'll do in a pinch.

          2. Who wouldn't love a place called Ben's Meat-O-Mat? I miss their rotisserie chickens and packaged babkas. Of course the "puppies! kittens!" sign butted up against Ben's did cause a double-take.
            - Up With Olives (formerly K. McB.)