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Jun 29, 2006 02:34 PM

Ten Tables --my new favorite find

I've been meaning to get here forever, and I'm glad I finally did --last night's dinner was excellent.

I love this place --it's tiny and filled with the energy of patrons and staff --diners enjoying their meal --a staff of 4(?) cooking and seating people and serving. You can see the cooks in action (which I always enjoy) but more importantly, what they're cooking really is delicious.

On Wednesday nights, they're serving their 3 course, $25-prix fixe meal. Order any app, entree and dessert for $25. An amazing I hestitate to promote too much as it was packed in there last night --we got there at 6:45 and it was pretty much full, and stayed that way till we left which was after 9. It's interesting though, I don't think you have the option to order anything a la carte --ie, if you're not hungry enough for all three, and just want, say, an entree. I guess they figure there's very few people who won't take advantage of the deal and perhaps it's to discourage sharing btwn people. Regardless, it was really all excellent....let's see if i can remember the highlights:

--app :garlic soup: filled with the intense, sweet flavor of garlic (which is probably exuding from my pores today, but so worth it)
:others at the table ordered beet salads, which they all pronounced delicious

--entree:homemade pasta special of the night. this had chunks of tomato, basil, cockles (tiny clams), and pancetta (tho i can't really remember tasting that), sprinkled with mint. clearly homemade tagliatelle, interesting mix of flavors, beautifully presented and quite tasty.
:roasted chicken w/pine nuts, raisins --they do something to this chicken to sear the skin so it's crispy and buttery and absolutely delicious.
:bluefish, served atop a red pepper puree: phenomenal...i'm always leary w/bluefish as it can be fishy and if not prepared well isn't my favorite. this was exceptional.

--dessert: chocolate terrine: rich, with a dollop of thai basil ice cream (tho i asked for coffee ice cream and they said yes..) really intense coffee flavor, clearly homemade, not too sweet, ....with a sprinkling of sea salt under the ice cream, perhaps to bring out the intensity of the flavors? it worked.
--lemon tart: perfectly refreshing and flavorful after this huge meal...

We ordered 2 bottles of a california pinot noir, perfectly good with our meal. Service was friendly and fairly effecient...though we did wait a while in btwn courses. Understandable though, as it's clear this small staff is pumping out 3 courses for each person at these "ten tables"....

Anyway, I really enjoyed our experience here. I think the $25 prix fixe is an amazing value and I'd certainly go back any day of the week for a meal here. Looking forward to that, in fact.

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  1. Glad you liked it, I really love the place, but haven't been since the recent (May?) chef change.

    Next time you go, definitely try the charcuterie plate, it's absolutely delicious and a tremendous value---as is almost everything at the restaurant.

    1. I went here for the 1st time on last Sunday. Loved everything! Nice server-food was great, nice room...

      Yeah--loved that garlic soup! Mussel app. special was great.

      Mains--I had codfish cakes--good & filling. My girl had the steak and loved it! Nice Spanish red wine...good prices--Yeah, i'll be back :)

      1. I concur-- Ten Tables is a wonderful, intimate, hip and energetic. Went on a Wednesday a few weeks back (which happens to be the only night the vegetarian tasting menu is not available, so beware :-( )and had the prix fixe menu and everything was perfect. The wines are fabulous and quite complementary to the food. Highly recommended!

        1. i'll add another voice to the ringing praise. ten tables is a special place for me - it was my first chowish experience guided by this board!

          my SO made a surprise out of it. as we rode farther out on the orange line, i thought "this is ridiculous. no meal is worth this much travel!!" boy, was i wrong!

          glad to hear it's still good under the new chef.

          1. You should definitely go on a Tuesday for the wine dinner. $35 for 4 courses with wine pairings. No choices for each course but the value is outstanding! Definitely make reservations.