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Jun 29, 2006 02:32 PM

BBQ in Newark NJ?

My co-workers and I would like to have a "BBQ" in the office tomorrow. Does anyone know any good places that deliver ribs and fried chicken?

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  1. Well if you are talking about good old fashioned Texas BBQ, then I don't know of any places in Newark. If you want some great lip smacking, tangy sauce smothered, authentic BBQ, then check out Famous Dave's in Brick, NJ. I highly recommend the St. Louis ribs. It's well worth the drive from Newark. If you are looking for "Portuguese BBQ", then check out Iberia. It's basically, an all you can eat, Brazilian style "Rodizzio" BBQ. Very good in it's own right!

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      "Famous Dave's" in a chain, of course, with 6 outlets in NJ, several closer to Newark than the Brick store is. I've also found the food to be wildly inconsistant- but, when it's good, it's pretty good for a chain. (It ain't Texas BBQ, tho', the decor is decidedly "Upper Mid-West"- including beer ads in the bar for beers that still exist but they don't serve. I wanted a HAMMS!).

    2. Don't know if they deliver, but
      right over the border in Elizabeth is getting raves on
      eGullet (and I intent to stop in next time I'm taking someone to the airport).

      1. We just had a late lunch last sunday at frontstreet. I always order the ribs. The ones I was served must have been left over from the day before . They were dried out and lacked a good smokey flaver. I usuually give a place a 2nd chance but I dont think I can convince my partner to go back.

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          Sorry to hear that, "lovetotalkfood". As I noted, I had yet to visit the place (I'm 50 miles away...) and was basing my rec. on this thread on eGullet.

          ...which includes some posts by one of the owners.

          As an aside, I'm always surprised by the number of posters who mention and/or are impressed by a restaurant when they "get" to meet the owners or mention the "friendliness" of the help, etc. and wonder if that often colors a review (now that they have a personal relationship with their friend, the owner). Hey, I'm just looking for a good meal, not a friend, and want the service to be efficent.