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Jun 29, 2006 02:29 PM

pizza in ft myers/cape coral

vita nova in cape coral was the place of choice for pizza. hand ground sausage, nice sauce, perfectly crisped crust. but sadly.. as i drove up for dinner one day, there was a sign on the door: closed until further notice. i need a new pizza place. any suggestions, please help.

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  1. Tiny little Buon Appetito Cafe near College and Whiskey Creek Blvd (across from Edison College) makes very crisp, thin crust pies. Makes its own fresh mozzarella. It is very close to my house and I only just found it this week. I was thrilled. Fresh basil...classic margherita pizza. I think if you look on the News Press website you'll find a recent article about it. LMF

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      you don't happen to know of a good mediterranean place? i'm craving falafel.

      1. re: jeninftmyers

        Try Mille Sapore. It has many mediterranean dishes. Owned by an Egyptian who is on site, this is a well run restaurant with a nice bar that seems to float under the radar. A shame. LMF

      2. re: LilMsFoodie

        wow... buon appetito was awesome. i had a margarita pizza. i could eat jars of the fresh tomato sauce. and the fresh mozzerella just melted in your mouth. what a great suggestion. thank you very much!!!1

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          happy to recommend it as it is really off the beaten path. They have survived their location by being excellent at what they do and just recently started dinner. They have an antipasto salad that is awesome as well. It would be at least $12 elsewhere and it is $7 here and twice as good. LMF

      3. thank you very much. i'll try it and report back.

        1. I've been there. the food is great, but a little far for my ravenous pizza needs and they don't deliver. jimmy (the egyptian frontman) is really nice. i can't believe that he always remembers me.

          1. Where do you live...I thought perhaps you lived in Cape Coral. I think Pizza 2000 does a very good job on their pizza but it is not the very thin crust I prefer. It is in a small strip at the entrance to Costco. I like their white pizzas.

            As for Mille Sapore, I was just suggesting something mediterranean, not pizza. LMF

            1. i haven't tried pizza 2000. i will try it.
              for mille sapore, their appetizers are more mediterranean than their whole menu. the falafel wasn't good when i was there. but the hummus was great. i like plaka also.