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Jun 29, 2006 02:28 PM

TexMex/Mexican suggestions near CapSouth/EasternMkt?

I'm looking for a good, nice-ish but moderately expensive place to have lunch with my girlfriend somewhere between the Capitol Building and Eastern Market in DC. We both love texmex or Mexican, and would be particularly happy with some good chicken soft tacos. We've been to La Loma and La Lomita which are good but not great, and I've heard so-so things about Tortilla Coast. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Other than Banana Cafe on 8th near Eastern Market (similar quality to La Loma or La Lomita), you've pretty much covered it. If you must stay on the Hill, go to Banana Cafe.

    Honestly, your options are limited unless you want to drive the 15 minutes (or less) up the B-W Pkwy to Little Mexico. If you can drive up there go to La Sirenita or El Tapatio.

    Avoid Tortilla Coast at all cost, their food is horrible.

    1. As an ex-Angeleno and 18 year resident of the Hill, I cannot recommend any of the Tex-Mex/Mexican places on the Hill. They are really Salvadoran-Mexican places oriented towards people drinking margaritas and eating chips. Choose a different cuisine.

      1. All of the above is true, but for dirt-cheap Salvadoran-Mexican, you can't beat Tortilla Cafe right across from Eastern Market. Excellent pupusas and breakfast burritos.