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Jun 29, 2006 02:14 PM

Block Island

Headed to Block Island for the first time on Saturday and wanted to know where to crab some great fairly casual sea food. I searched the board and it seems the usual recs are Finns, Dead Eye Dicks and The Oar, are these the 3 staples, any of the 3 better than the other 2?


Will report back

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  1. I went for the first time the day after Labor Day, and almost every place was closed. The two we tried, which could have been Finns and The Oar, were out of almost everything. So I won't review them. And besides,you won't have that problem this weekend. The reason for my story is, I was complaining to someone who spends a lot of time over there and she said the best place to eat is in the area where you rent mopeds (sorry I don't remember any names!) and it's the restaurant over the Salty Dog gift shop, people were sitting out on a balcony like New Orleans. No one had mentioned it so we didn't go, but that will be my first choice next time. Hopefully someone more knowledgable can fill us in.

    1. We used to take the boat to Block Island every year before gas got real expensive. Finns is OK. For fancy try Manisses or the Spring House. They are expensive, with amateur servers trying to be fancy. My favorite is Dead Eye Dick's near Paine's Dock. Not fancy, just decent food at almost decent prices. The Mohegan is one of the few places with air conditioning, but they usually have the windows open. They are OK. My friends like Eli's over near Aldo's bike rental and bakery. It is fancy food and not my speed. The porch at the American Hotel is great for a beer. My favorite place is Ballards, which is a Block Island institution. Great seafood, almost fair prices. We like the steamers for lunch on the terrace. Just hang onto to your napkin because it gets windy. I would say they are the best suggestion.


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        Had my first trip to BI this weekend and absolutely loved it. As far as food, it's not a chowhound's destination but I did have an excellent blue cheese burger at the Harborside Inn - I was wary but I had resigned myself to mediocre food and was willing to eat wherever my group wanted to go and was pleasantly surprised. We went to the Hotel Manisses for dinner, actually the Gatsby Room, and I agree with Fred19 - amateur servers trying to be fancy - LOL. I had the foie gras appetizer - the foie gras was very good but it was served with a stewed peach (??) - with the pit still inside, kinda strange, it rolled around on the plate a bit as I sliced of pieces of it. I also had the seared scallop appetizer as my entree (the server suggested a double order) which was a good portion. It was with pancetta and endive - it was good - not great, but I was happy with it. The bread was warm and grainy, but they served it with a roasted garlic spread - I HATE when restaurants give you something other than butter or oil as the sole choice of spreads. A couple of my friends thought it was a hummous kind of spread and not pure garlic and were shocked when they ate entire cloves . . .

        From what I read on other posts - they were right about Juice n' Java - great coffee. That was kind of about it for what we ate while "on island". I had a Dell's as well and a scoop of moosetracks somewhere but that was about it.