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Jun 29, 2006 01:57 PM

Silpat Baking Mat

I'm thinking of buying one of these, since I had heard they work wonders! But I was looking up reviews on the internet, and found people either loved them or hated them.
Does anyone here have one, and like to share their experience?

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  1. I have two but so far I haven't used them for baking. I use them to roll out pastry, one above and one below the pastry. It allows me to roll out my very high-fat dough without adding extra flour. For baking I like parchment paper.

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      I use my Exopat Matfer half-sheet pan liners for cream biscuits. (Oddly enough, I tend to use parchment paper to roll out dough as you do with your Silpats; paper's width is bigger.)

      I've noticed that I often have trouble washing my Matfers afterward - if you hold 'em up to the light you can see the triangles where the biscuits baked, and it feels oily. I don't scrub the Matfers, but I often let 'em soak in soap. Not sure whether I should worry about this.

    2. Love it. I use it for baking and cooking all types of food, such as when roasting root veggies, which tend to stick to the bottom of pans. I totally killed my first one, don't think that it won't get browned over time, but it did take a couple of years to do so. Didn't mind buying a new one - it isn't like they are that cost prohibitive. And of course, they work great for cookies and such.

      For my needs, a huge plus.


      1. I have two and use them whenever I'm baking cookies. Have also used them when making cream puffs and eclairs, work great. Plus, if you ever make a "brittle" (as in peanut or cashew) they are outstanding for that.

        1. Thanks for the info!

          I read about the Silpat causing smoking, and burning peoples' eyes... did this ever happen to you?
          Also, do you guys have electric or gas ovens?


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            I've never had that happen. I have a gas oven. :-)

          2. I've never had that happen. I have an electric stove.