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Jun 29, 2006 01:10 PM

Favorite Sakes?

I posted this at first on the beer page, but since most people (including me, up until yesterday!) seem to think that sake is a distilled spirit, I guess the post should go here:

...I'd like to find out what sakes Chowhounds like. I myself like a really good nigori - just last night had Mukune brand, "Shadows of Katano," by Daimon Shuzo. Excellent, dry, went very well with our meal of contemporary American seafood - how nice to find that I don't have to limit myself to drinking it with Japanese food!

I have also been searching for a really thick nigori that I had at Katana, in Los Angeles. Most nigoris I've had have only a little sediment in them - this one was almost creamy, Unfortunately, I didn't realize how unique it was, so I didn't note the name. Does anyone have any ideas what this could have been?

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  1. I definately think Sake should be discussed on the Beer Board. I'm thinking that we should try to be accurate since it will help in educating those who aren't familiar with sake, and make searches easier for those who are.

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      Well, it's up there, too. I didn't move it. maybe the Chowhound Team will make a ruling? But I agree with you - I think we should be accurate, and not perpetuate misconceptions. Maybe the Beer board could be titled "Beer and Sake."

    2. For nigori, Dassai junmai ginjo nigori has been often mentioned as a great choice. Dassai is from Yamaguchi prefecture and they seem to have increased their production and distribution. Their nigori has a natural (slight) fizz to it (from secondary fermentation in the bottle?). I've seen it at some places in NYC (restaurants, mostly) but I'm not sure if you'll find it so easily where you are.

      1. Otokyama gets my nod as my all time favorite sake.

        Off topic, why would a wine be on the beer board? Sake is technically a wine and not a brewed product, like beer.

        1. Sorry but that is incorrect. Sake is made from rice, a grain, that is boiled. Then it is innoculated with a mold which turns the starches into sugars. Then yeast is added which turns the sugars into alcohol. The key factor is that beers are made from grains. Wine is made from fruits.

          1. Sake is not distilled, so by definition it's not a spirit. While it doesn't fit neatly into the "wine" or "beer" categories either, it's definitely not a spirit.

            We don't have plans to introduce a "brewed non-barley beverages" board, so for now, please resume discussion on the Beer board, where Akatonbo has started a thread: