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Jun 29, 2006 11:45 AM

Turkish fine dining?

I'm looking to give a dinner gift certificate gift for friends from Turkey. They miss food from home so I am looking for fine dining Turkish options. So please don't reccommend Bereket or some kabab stand. Those are all over. I'm after something nice, perhaps romantic, definitely gourmet and dinner for 2 for $50-$100. Thanks!

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  1. Turkish Kitchen may be your best bet.

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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      I really enjoyed a meal at Turkish Kitchen. Excellent food and a very pleasant atmosphere.

    2. what about Pasha on the west side?

      1. You can try Turks & Frogs Tribeca. Thought the food there was good and it's somewhat romantic.

        1. My Turkish friend has raved about Uskudur - Second & 73th.

          I love Beyoglu - Third and 81st.

          1. Maia Meyhane, on Avenue B, is pretty nice inside, lots of Turkish wines on the menu. Huge selection of mezethes.