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Turkish fine dining?

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I'm looking to give a dinner gift certificate gift for friends from Turkey. They miss food from home so I am looking for fine dining Turkish options. So please don't reccommend Bereket or some kabab stand. Those are all over. I'm after something nice, perhaps romantic, definitely gourmet and dinner for 2 for $50-$100. Thanks!

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  1. Turkish Kitchen may be your best bet.

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      I really enjoyed a meal at Turkish Kitchen. Excellent food and a very pleasant atmosphere.

    2. what about Pasha on the west side?

      1. You can try Turks & Frogs Tribeca. Thought the food there was good and it's somewhat romantic.

        1. My Turkish friend has raved about Uskudur - Second & 73th.

          I love Beyoglu - Third and 81st.

          1. Maia Meyhane, on Avenue B, is pretty nice inside, lots of Turkish wines on the menu. Huge selection of mezethes.

            1. Pasha's food is very good as well as the atmosphere. Turkish Kitchen's food is good yet the service is poor. Beyoglu has a more laid back atmosphere and good food. I also like Zeytinz on the Upper West Side, has great fish and appetizers, pleasant experience.