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Jun 29, 2006 06:45 AM

Globe's Alison Arnett

Has anyone else notice that Ms. Arnett rates almost all restaurant between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 stars? There is much to criticize about Michael Bauer's judgment and writing, but Alison is simply in a class by herself.

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  1. She's horrible. They should hire Limster or MC Slim JB-- or just link to the Boston board and contribute directly to the site maintenance. I never read the Globe restaurant reviews-- I stick with the Weekly Dig, way more houndy, and not just 'cuz MCSJB writes for them on occasion!

    1. A great example of her limitations was her review last year of Oxford Street Grill. She showed her lack of understanding of central European cuisine -- an area where Boston is seriously deficient as well -- and as a result found the food relatively heavy, complaining about the tiny containers of schmaltz that accompany those with butter. No choucroute garnie for Alison at an Alsatian restaurant, please....

      Steve Raichlen was the last decent restaurant reviewer the Globe had.

      Robert Nadeau of the Phoenix is hit or miss, but on the whole better than Alison. His fixation on Asian-inspired flavors and textures and anything that is hot or spicy skews his judgment, though.