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Can anyone recommend Cynthia's on 3rd Street?

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Never been. What do you think?

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  1. Hi... Don't know if you can search the old board's archives here on the new boards. If you can, you'll find the consensus seems to be that the cobbler at Cynthia's *may* be worth the berating, soul-numbing, random diatribes flung by the eponymous owner herself. For the rest of us, if we want to be yelled at unapologetically between mouthfuls of good comfort food, we can simply dine at the homes of our insane relatives ;-).

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      Very well put. I personally feel that it is not physically possible to make food taste good enough to be worth enduring the lunatic abuse that can accompany a meal at Cynthia's.

    2. My friend's really like the berry cobbler, but there is attitude that comes with the food. You also can't just order the berry cobbler, there is a minimum order per person.

      1. Can't recall what I ate there for dinner [a year ago] but it was GREAT and I've been meaning to go back since. Everyone who I was with LOVED what they ate. This place still packs 'em in. It's always full.

        1. havent eaten there for over a year but ive had two or three meals there and they were all delicious. the bacon-wrapped meatloaf was my favorite and the cobbler was delicious. went there last with a large group and everyone enjoyed their meals. yes, the service was a bit cold but the food made it worthwhile.

          1. the place is not worth the trouble. the food is okay, and the cobbler good, but not worth the spotty service, consistently late seating and frankly psychotic ownership. the wine list is also criminally overpriced, if my memory serves, but that could be any number of 3rd street restaurants i've had terrible service and passable food in.

            go to AOC instead.

            1. I haven't been there since last year, but we never had any problems with Cynthia. In fact, she tended to be pretty friendly. Cobbler is great, and other food ranges from OK to very good, I think. Like the fried chicken a lot. On the expensive side, for what it is, but when we go out we look at it as paying for dinner (atmosphere, experience, fun with friends, etc.), not paying for chicken, so to me it doesn't matter much.