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Jun 29, 2006 05:54 AM

Will be in Dana Point for 6 days....[Moved from California board]

We will be at The St Regis Monarch Beach for 6 days in a few weeks...
Should we eat at the new restaurant in the hotel - Stone Tavern I think is the name of it (?) Where else in the surrounding area should we eat? We dont mind driving to Laguna or San Clemente, etc.
We like Mexican, Italian, the newest in town, etc.
Thank you!

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  1. El Campion, Del Obispo and Camino Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, has GREAT Mexican food in a VERY casual atmosphere. While you are there, hit Ramos house for breakfast or lunch (he doesn't work evenings) and if really bored, take in that old thing sitting on the corner. I think they call it a mission.

    1. I would reccomend Stonehill Tavern - the reviews have been very good, but haven't made the investment myself.

      In Dana Point - hit Gemmell's in the harbor and have the Sea Bass or the veal chops. fav. of mine in OC.

      Laguna you have a ton of great choices.

      230 Forest
      Partners Bistro
      Taco Loco - very casual
      Las Brisas - only for the margaritas and view.

      San Clemente - Would highly reccomend Vine restaurant. Excellent Wine Country.California cuisine.


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        Finally we have someone who recognizes Gemmell's genius in the kitchen and who also has discovered the truth about Las Brisas.

      2. A couple of reccomendations:

        A great neighborhood cafe... my best friend lives very close, we had a lovely lunch there. Plus you have Jacques Savoie, the handsome hockey playing chef!

        Savoie's Fare
        Address: 31161 Niguel Rd # B, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
        Phone: (949) 240-6613

        I also love Ramos House cafe for breakfast, I've driven the 70+ miles from LA to meet friends for breakfast!

        The Ramos House Café
        31752 Los Rios Street
        San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
        F: 949-443-2992

        1. We werren't that impressed with Stonehill - I did a review awhile back in May. If you want upscale, I would definitely do Studio at the Montage & Mozambique in S Laguna is also very good.

          1. Javier's on PCH in Laguna Beach is great for Mexican. Great ambience, and wonderful food. I also second Savoie's Faire for great lunch -- salads, wraps, etc. Another favorite is Thais This on PCH in Dana Point. Great Thai and a friendly place. Have fun and pls. report back.