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Jun 29, 2006 05:36 AM

Red's Java House, SF-what to order there? What about Aqua in SF?

I read Anthony Bourdain likes to eat at Red's Java House, SF. What's good there?

He also goes to Aqua since he's friends with chef Laurent Manrique. Any reports?

He also likes Swan Oyster Depot.

When he was interviewed for the SJ Mercury he ate at Piperade and had piquillo peppers stuffed w/ goat cheese, followed by braised veal cheeks.

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  1. I guess what AB likes at Red's is the macho ambience. Or sitting on seagull guano. Or saving enough of his per diem to pig out at Aqua.

    What to order? A cheeseburger and a long-neck Bud.

    1. Fish & chips @ RJH is usually a good choice. $6.25, tax included.

      1. Did Bourdain said what he liked about Red's. I lived a block away from Red's for a decade, but the last time I was there was about a year ago. Prices are a little higher, but other than that not much had changed food-wise.

        It's a place to get an inexpensive sandwich and has a stunning view. I haven't had the fish and chips that I remember, but it has had a few postive board mentions. I like the burger. Get it on the French roll. Red's is one of my few exceptions to the classic burger. It is a McDonald's type of burger patty. Good fried onions on it too. When I started going there in the 90's a syrofoam cup of wine was fifty cents ... straight from the box ... before boxed wine was struggling for a little respect.

        Here's an old post from about the time I started posting on Chowhound in 2002. Sheesh, wordy then, wordy now. I SHOULD have changed my handle to (long) on the new software, but it would have got Bob Martinez crazy.


        1. the interview didn't mention what he liked about Red's. In a blog he also ate at Incanto for the Offal dinner: http://jalapeno.typepad.com/my_weblog...

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            I am the one who ate with him at Incanto while he was in SF. He also likes La Folie and considers the French Laundry the best restaurant in the country.

            As for Red's and what's to like/order-go for a burger, fries, and beer and sit in the back if it's nice enough out. If there's enough of you, order the bucket of beer, on ice. A great, relaxing way to while the hours away.

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              Here's a report on his meal at Incanto from Chris Cosentino's new blog:


              To discuss that blog:


              Incanto owner Mark Pastore's piece inspired by Bourdain's visit:


          2. He probably likes Red's because he can sit outside and smoke.