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Jun 29, 2006 05:19 AM

24 hr dim sum?

Does anyone know of a place that serves dim sum, 24 hrs long?

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  1. "perfect chinese restaurant" at brimley and sheppard has 24 dim sum....i wou'dn't say its the best but at 3a.m after clubbing or something its great.

    1. There is Tremendous Chinese Restaurant on 3550 Wolfedale Road, Mississauga. It used to serve 24hr dim-sum. I'm not sure if it still does. The quality is far from top-notch, but lots of night shift people do go there after work.

      May be someone can confirm if they still serve 24hrs.

      1. I know that some of the restaurants on Dundas between University & Bay are open 24 hours. Most likely due to their proximity to the bus station. I'm sure some of them have dim sum à la carte, but not likely on a cart.