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Jun 29, 2006 05:10 AM

yummiest pho

My friend and I were talking today about pho. Who could not like hot, yummy broth with thin, Vietnamese noodles, and hearty, slices of beef and beef bits? Oh, and dont forget about the fragrant green onions and cilantro... with bean sprouts, and my favourite--a squeeze of lime juice in the soup. MmmMMMmMmmMmmm... now, where do YOU get your favourite bowl of pho?

Friend and I agreed that the Rex Saigon Buffet (I cant remember the name now) at Brimley and Sheppard has the BEST pho ever. However, who would wanna pay $20 for the buffet, and only enjoy the pho? I didnt like the other food that they served, but their pho was sooooooooooo good..

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  1. I say Pho Hung on Spadina. Fantabulous.

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    1. re: Jax

      I used to love Pho Hung for almost any noodle dish, and always craved their pho, but the last few times I'd been there I noticed the taste in my favourite dishes had gone down... a lot. Don't go there anymore, and still looking for really great pho downtown TO.
      Trying Mimi's next... I was also disappointed with Pho 88...

      1. re: jayseeca

        I think Pho Hung has changed owners. I believe they used to be run by Vietnamese owners, now seem to be Cantonese...

    2. My vote is for Mimi's on Gerrard east.

      1. definitely mimi's on gerrard. fatty beef pho is deadly good and very spicy. Can get really busy and a little slow at peak dinner hours, but worth the wait.

        1. My personal favourite is Pho 88 on Spadina, just south of Dundas. I've been unimpressed with Pho Hung in the past, and it sounds like I should try Mimi's at some point.

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          1. re: xtal

            You know what, I used to like Pho 88 on Spadina, but they've not only raised their prices, but have also skimped down on their portions.

            Pho Hung, they were NEVER good. Tried once, been there, done that, will never be that stupid again. :P

            1. re: jennjen18

              We used to love the Pho 88 when living up north (the one in the plaza facing Bamburg Circle in Scarborough) and had high hopes for the Pho 88 on Spadina but it was just dirty and depressing. We were the only ones there in that half-lit place and there was a drunk homeless man that had fallen asleep that required the cops to come in to kick him out. That pretty much ruins any experience.

              The noddles however were similar and good but I would really only return for takeout.

          2. rua vang (golden turtle) on ossington at argyle. just north of queen and south of dundas. best pho and generally best vietnamese food i've ever had. strangely enough, best pad thai i've ever had too. and don't miss their shrimp fried rice. tasty stuff.

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            1. re: n10sity

              this place is amazing. so authentic, like my mom makes at home. be sure to try other soup options on the menu as well. like the spicy beef soup with vermicelli. this is a true vietnamese dish. and the herb wrapped beef rolls are to die for! and any one who has been there will agree, this is the nicest family as well. once while i was there, another table asked for their food to go, but there was a miscommunication and it was thrown out instead. the waiter/owner offered to remake the whole dish for the person! now that is service!!!

              1. re: n10sity

                My fiancee and I went there last night for dinner and it was quite good. She had the Pad Thai (very tasty!) and I had the bún with pork. My only comment would be that there weren't as many meat variations for the bún as Pho Hung. On our next visit, I will try the Pho.