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Jun 29, 2006 04:30 AM

Cool "theme" restaurant in LA

We are going to LA for the first time ever and wanted a fun, cool, "theme" restaurant - very LA style that also actually has good food at decent prices. All the glitz...

ANy ideas SoCal hounds?

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  1. By "theme" you mean what exactly?
    Also, glitz, good food and decent prices are rarely seen in public with each other.

    1. [shudder] last time someone tried that, they came up with Planet Hollywood.

      if you want L.A. hole in the wall good food go to Sunin Cafe in Westwood. if you want fancy schmantzy good food, ask another chowhound because i don't earn enough yet to say for sure.

      1. If by theme you mean power scene, Spago or The Grill on the Alley.
        If by theme you mean celeb scene, The Ivy.
        If by theme you mean young L.A., something like Koi.
        If by theme you mean there's a theme to the meal, this could be anything from A.O.C. (small plates) to Urasawa (kaiseki).
        If by theme you mean the Jetsons, Encounter at LAX.