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Jun 29, 2006 04:12 AM

Something good near Redwood City Kaiser?

Would appreciate any tips for something good ( all varieties ) close to Redwood City Kaiser .... have a friend who could use a tasty diversion from the realities of life. TIA

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  1. Old Port Lobster Shack, at 851 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, is pretty close to Kaiser. They serve really great fish and seafood dishes, including a very good lobster roll, some absolutely wonderful clam chowder, and excellent fish and chips (actually the platter we had contained fish, scallops, shrimp and chips.)


    1. Someone emailed me that Old Port Lobster Shack is now carrying steamers, but call because they run out ... which is great ... it means they are popular so the restaurant will continue to carry them.

      1. Or tacos el grullense over on Middlefield next to Sigona's. Cheap enough that your friend can drown any left over sorrows in Mexican beers...

        1. Downtown Redwood City would be about a 10 minute drive from Kaiser. There you can find sushi (Suisha House), Turkish (New Kappadokia), Middle Eastern (Tarboosh), Salvadoran (Amelias), Diner (Taste of Broadway), Ice Cream/Soda Fountain (Youngs) just as starters. These are all on Broadway with the exception of Tarboosh. The walk wouldn't be terrible either, yahoomaps shows Talk of Broadway as being .5 miles from Kaiser. If you do drive parking isn't terrible. The highest peak hours are between 12-1 because that is when court is out and most court workers, DAs, judges, defense attorneys, etc. go to eat.

          1. Hi Gordon,
            La Casita Chilanga either on Middlefield or El Camino - I like the El Camino branch better. There is a Vietnamese resto, I think Hometown Noodle on Middlefield near 5th - it's not in the same league as the places in SJ or SF but better than nothing. Redwood City Kaiser is really more like 5 minutes from Downtown and definitely in walking distance. On El Camino in the shopping center with Target there is a Chinese restaurant that makes a tasty pork, noodle and pickled mustard soup among other things. I'll try to think up some more...