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Jun 29, 2006 04:10 AM

Mystic, CT-Westerly, RI and vicinity--lunch & dinner

I've done a search, but I have some more questions.

My SO and I will be staying in Mystic for a week for a family reunion which is being held in Westerly, RI. We will want to have some lunches & dinners on our own while there. He is disabled, uses a wheelchair, and tires easily. We can't do leisurely two hour meals. He loves seafood, but is otherwise pretty unadventurous. So, forget the Thai place everyone seems to rave about. We'll be doing a clambake as part of the reunion, so clambake foods aren't important. I love oysters and will gorge myself whenever I can. We are staying in a place with a kitchen & will cook our own breakfasts.

Based on a search here and other Internet rummaging, S&P Oysters, Go Fish, and Daniel Packer look promising. So does Anthony J's. Anyone who has been to those, can you mentally wander around in a wheelchair? What are the restrooms like? Is service relatively prompt?

What else would you recommend that is within a 20 minute drive or so of Mystic, or is in Westerly? Little Kitchen won't work for us, alas; it sounds wonderful

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  1. This is my here's some thoughts. What comes to mind for your needs (i.e., wheelchair accessible, nice atmosphere, good food)is Skippers (on the water) in Stonington; GoFish in Mystic; The Fisherman in Noank. I am sorry to say that AnthonyJs would not be a good place (although it is one of my favorite places to eat) and I'm not sure of the Daniel Packer (except "upstairs"...where there is a separate entrance and it may be wheelchair accessible). S&P Oysters is right on the water and would be good (although it's not one of my favorite food places). The FloodTide is also a possibility and if it isn't foggy, you would have a wonderful view of the water. Of course there are always the favorite fast food seafood places like Sea Swirl, Cove Fish Market, and SeaView. They have dining under cover outdoors. Also a really good breakfast place that would work for you is on RT184 in Old Mystic called Somewhere in Time. Good luck!

    1. If the weather's nice, you could sit outside at the Olympia Tea Room in Watch Hill.

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        all due respect, but i believe olympia tea is overpriced, not very good, and overcrowded. it does have a nice ambiance though.

      2. you will love Skipper's Dock at 66 Water Street, Stonington, CT 06378 (860) 535-0111. The wheelchair will not be an issue as it is flat from the parking lot to the restaurant. You can also try Noah's in Stonington as well. In Westerly, try the Shelter Harbor Inn or the Wilcox Tavern. Shelter Harbor Inn might be tough w/ the wheelchair b/c they have a stone parking lot.

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          We loved Noah's in Stonington. And had an awesome lunch in downtown Stonington (on the same street as Noah's but the name escapes me) - excellent food, funky decor - easily accessible for wheelchair on both places.

        2. For lunch you should try a lobster roll at St. Clare's Annex in Watch Hill. Its a classic.

          1. Soupy (italian sausage) in Westerly, RI.
            go to Ritacco's hole in the wall market on 84 Oak Street ((401) 596-1835) and ask for this. It is absolutely amazing and I have not found it anywhere else. you will love me.

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              I make soupy if we are talking about the same thing dry cured sausage if you can't find it let me know I always have some on hand