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Jun 29, 2006 04:09 AM

Tapas in West LA

Every time I visit Boston I got to Dali Restaurant. And when I get back to LA I get depressed. Do we have a tapas restaurant, or even a good Spanish food restaurant? I am particularly interested in Westwood/WestLA 405/10 intersection area, but am willing to travel. Not as far as Boston, although sometimes the craving hits and 5 hour flight starts sounding reasonable.

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  1. This won't compete with Dali, which is a real gem, but there is a tapas place right in westwood called Upstairs. It is above the Wine Shop on Cotner, north of Olympic. It's no Dali by any stretch, but it's pretty good in its own right.

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    2. i think orris on sawtelle right next to the 405 is great too.

      1. primitivo in venice on abott kenney..... but it is not stellar.... let me know if you find a good one...

        1. You're looking for Spanish tapas, then, aren't you?

          (I love Dali! Haven't been there in far too long, but it's a great place in Boston)

          I'd then try Cobras and Matadors. The only location I've frequented has been the one on Beverly, between Fairfax & La Brea. Unfortunately no sangria, and if you want wine, you either bring your own ($5 corkage, last I was there), or buy it from the affiliated store next door who'll put it on your dinner tab (and there won't be a corkage fee). I can't remember how it compares to Dali, but I've always had a good meal there. There is another Cobras & Matadors in Silver Lake (I think? Out east that way), but I haven't been there so I can't comment.

          The other places that previous posters have mentioned, while good (at least, I've enjoyed AOC & Primitivo [the latter for lunch only]), are not Spanish in the least.

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            IMHO Cobras and Matador is an embarassment. My Spanish friends agree.

          2. La Luna Negra and Bar Celona are also Spanish tapas restaurants. However, they're in Pasadena.

            Another restaurant serving tapas is Minibar.