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help!! where is there ANY good food in Fairfield County?????

With the exception of Rebecca's, Rowayton Seafood, and the seafood joint in Westport...any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know of any gourmet groups out here?

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  1. What are you looking for? Seafood? Only high end places?

    there is a lot of great food out here in Fairfield county. Good high end places, but also very good ethnic and mid-range stuff.

    Give us some parameters and we'll give some great recs. I promise!

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    1. re: adamclyde

      I too am on the lookout for the best markets in and around Greenwich, I will start cooking for a family out there soon.
      So far they have mentioned Whole Foods, but I'm wondering what else I should be aware of for purchasing fish, grains, some meat, produce.

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        man am I glad that you posted; we're looking for the gamut - just great food. From high end to dives with awesome food - cuisine doesn't matter. It just seems like there's a lot of really below average food out here in all price ranges and cuisines, and any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated!

        1. re: livetoeat

          you are right that there is a lot of average to below average food. And, to a degree, even the great places are probably great on a relative scale. However, for a suburban place, there are certainly lots worse than fairfield county!

          What town are you in? that might help narrow what you are looking for.

          I'll let others chime in on the high end sort of places. bunches of little tykes prevent me from frequenting them with any sort of regularity. Lower priced ethnic places (don't you hate that term, "ethnic"... sounds derogatory... alas, i digress) are where I hang out. My nabe for the current moment is Stamford, though I moved from Greenwich.

          In stamford, there are lots of pretty darn decent latin places. Mi Terruno is a good colombian place. Antojitos Chapines, which CTEats (another chowhound poster) and I often talk up on this board, is a guatemalen place that I think is quite good.

          Casa Villa, if you hit it on a good night, just down the road, does decent tacos and carne asada (though... I'm posting from California right now, so the term "good" seems more relative right now, swimming in the midst of superb mexican food).

          La Sorpresa in Norwalk is great colombian as well. Just order Bandeja Paisa and you'll be happy (and full).

          Layla's on high ridge road and Myrna's on the post road both do good falafels.

          The Carribean Market and Bakery on Main (next door to midas shop) does pretty good jerk chicken. Their beef and chicken patties aren't too terrible either. But goat curry is the best thing there, in my opinion. They do it very well (though it's been a year or two since I had their curry). Their jerk isn't quite what it once was...

          Anyhow, that's off the top of my head. Lots more stuff if you are interested in both Norwalk and Greenwich, etc. In greenwich, particularly good for the mid to upper range. Norwalk has a few of those too, but also some very good "ethnic" places too. If you want more info on any of those places, just do a search here on Chowhound and you'll find lots of past write ups.

          So, don't discount the place too soon... you'll find some good food around if you look. Good luck and please post back!

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            Layla's shawarma is also AMAZING -- the garlic sauce is to die for.
            Also good Italian at Pane e Vino in Westport.

      2. Greenwich Ave has a fish market that is pretty good. Bon Ton Fish Market - 343 Greenwich Ave. Not cheap, but pretty good. Port Chester has a good fish market that is cheaper, but also as good. Can't remember the address offhand, but you'll see the sign off of Abendroth, near Willet st.

        As to grains, etc, whole foods is probably your best bet. You could go to Stamford, to Mrs. Green's for organic grains (high ridge).

        As to other meat... I find whole foods just overpriced. If you want really high quality meat, go to either the Pork Store in Port Chester (359 Willet St), or to Crisfield's Meat Market in Rye. They are true butchers and you can get very high quality meats (niman ranch pork, etc.) for prices that are better than whole foods.

        Crisfield's Market
        61 Purchase St, Rye, NY
        (914) 967-0152

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          Good scoop on the Pork Store.. I'll have to try it. Is it a butcher only, or is it a "pork store" in the oldfashioned italian neighborhood sense, with salumi hanging from the ceiling, and store made italian sausage in the display?....that would save me trips to Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Ave.

          PS, for fish, I like Fjord, near patio.com; expensive, but impeccable quality. Plus Sandy's farm stand in the back for local corn, berries, tomatoes, etc in season.

        2. Wild Oats in Westport is a good source for bulk foods, including grains. They have organic and traditional offerings and a good selection of bulk spices. Penzeys is just down the street from there on Rt. 1 in Norwalk.

          1. Agree. Whole Foods is well packaged hype. Some really good stuff, but overall too expensive.

            Ida Red, if you are willing to drive:

            The Pork Store in Portchester is excellent for pork. There is a butcher in Mamaroneck with good meat, but for myself I use Stop and Shop in Portchester, where the manager of the meat area, Vinny, makes sure I get excellent meat.

            Imperial Seafood in Mamaroneck still is the best I've found for seafood.

            If you don't mind a million people on line, Apple Farm in White Plains is good for produce.

            As to grains, I have no idea.

            1. Stamford Fish and Seafood (very beginning of High Ridge Rd.) is pretty good. Much better than Rowayton Seafood and a welcome relief from the frenzy at Whole Foods.

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              1. re: steve h

                is that the one there near the Subway? I think it advertizes fish and chips too?

                not sure why, but I've never actually gone there. It's only a mile from my house, so shame on me...

                1. re: steve h

                  much better choice is New Wave Seafood on Camp Street across from thepost office. that's where most of the retail stores buy their stuff so its fresher and they have a retail side as well. They have whole fish in the back on ice, unbelieveably fresh. Jfood can go on and on about how great that place is.

                2. howdy, adam:
                  Stamford Seafood is not a restaurant. it's a family-run outlet for fresh fish. and yes, it's a few doors down from Subway and a few doors up from Four Corners package store. this is the place where i buy all my fresh fish. dad, mom and the kids are very good at what they do.

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                  1. re: steve h

                    Steve - thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely head over there. Nice having a fishmonger so close to home. Shame on me for not trying it before!

                    1. re: adamclyde

                      stamford seaford very good but they probably buy their stock from New Wave Seafood on Camp Street across from the Post Office. They have a retail side and if you do not see what you want ask the guys behind the counter, they probably have in the back. Only open til 6 tho.

                      1. re: jfood

                        Stamford Seafood's owner travels to the Bronx every morning for fresh fish. All their stuff is excellent, including the prepared food (crab cakes and coleslaw esp.), they are lovely people, and when they occasionally are able to get the pink swordfish--oh my God, is it good. I stopped at New Wave today since I was at the post office anyway, but the selection was small, the help indifferent, and nothing looked intriguing enough to switch allegiance.

                        1. re: MommaJ


                          good to know more of stamford seafood, many thanks

                          sorry the tip on new wave did not work out.

                  2. OK, you've picked two of my favorites (u have good taste) in FFD county so let me add a few.

                    Rye - RK's, same owners as Rebeccas

                    Greenwich - For fun go to Baang on route 1, near stamford. high end overpriced is L'Escale and if you hit the right night Jean Pierre can be great but my last two meals were miserable.

                    Stamford - Not a big fan of many but Teluride is probably the best. Best Italian deli is Giovanni's between Summer and washington on the same cross street as Planet pizza. Couple of great guys own it and make killer eggplant parm haogies and sauce (these guys call it gravy) to die for. Best bakery is in the Diner in the hotel off exit 5 of I95 (forget the name).

                    Darien - friends swear by the Indian restaurant in Goodwives shopping center.

                    New Canaan - Sole great food but noisy, Ching's Table is best Chinese around and Plum Tree is great Japanese including sushi.

                    South Norwalk - Paydirt for food around Washington St, really not a bad one among them. My favorite is Ocean Drive (same caliber as RWTN seafood) must try their mahogony sea bass; Habana, Barcelona, Pasta Nostra, Match all great and others pop up monthly. Around the corner to Water St you have a great fried fish place overlooking the river South Norwalk Seafood and then the best bakery in the area around the corner from Lillian August is SONO Bake Shop, unbelievable flourless chocolate cake (must serve at room temp). Over the bridge and around to the right is Harbor Lights for more seafood. Pretty good but not as good as RWTN Seafood and Ocean Dr.

                    East of that is a little out of my range.

                    Hope this helps, we have lots of great food in the area...enjoy it all.

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                    1. re: jfood

                      Great post. I just thought of two other nicer places that I really like. In Greenwich, Polpo is a great italian restaurant. The best italian I've had in Fairfield county.

                      I also liked Tenero Restaurant in South Norwalk, just adjacent to the movie theater. Both very good, though Polpo is clearly the better of the two.

                      Hope that helps too.

                    2. Some of my favorites:
                      -Kit's Thai Kitchen, High Ridge Road, Stamford
                      -Coromandel, Goodwives Shopping Center, Darien (Indian)
                      -Barcelona (I like the SoNo location but it's also in Greenwich and elsewhere) for tapas

                      I agree Telluride is good, esp. for the wine list; Splash in Westport (same owners as Baang)...

                      1. Fish Market - Fjord Fisheries on River Road in Cos Cob, Greenwich

                        Deli in Stamford - Taste of Italy just of Exit 9 in Stamford - all homemade foods and soups for lunch

                        Italian - Columbus Park Trattoria (Stamford), Pierangelo
                        (Greenwich Ave - Greenwich)

                        Meats - Crisfields Market (already mentioned ) is great (Rye)

                        Whole Foods is overpriced, but fruits and vegtables tend to be better than some of the other supermarkets

                        Farmers Market in Greenwich (Sat) and Stamford (?) every week
                        Gaia Restaurant on Greenwich Ave (pricey, but good food and service)

                        Wine - VarMax Liquors in Portchester

                        Valbella - food is overhyped - but service is excellent, and overall experience is excellent

                        Polpo (mentioned above) has good food, but service is horrible! They cannot get their act together once the dining room fills

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                        1. re: Johnct

                          I though Taste of Italy was in Tokeneke...right off exit 12. Did you mean Rinaldi's? That's the only deli in that area of Stamford that's worth going to.

                          1. re: Fairfield Foodie

                            My mistake - Taste of Sicily. Open about a year - small place - next to Barn Liquors. In winter/summer/spring homemade soups (stocks made from scratch). Not a huge selection, but everything they prepare is good

                          2. re: Johnct

                            Great idea about the Fish Market at Fjord. They have great Dover Sole in season. DW loves it and i keep forgetting to go there. Thanks

                          3. My favorite restaurant in FF county is Columbus Park Trattoria in Stamford. As far as buying seafood- New Wave is good and so is the Lobster Bin in Greenwich.

                            1. Fiesta for Peruvian food in Shippan is a hidden gem - try the lomo saltado or ceviche Mixto.

                              Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk on Main Ave is good for a quick Bite

                              Telluride is good but pricey as is Barcelona & Havana in Sono - Columbus Park and Maria's Trattoria didn't impress me.

                              How can I forget fatcat in Norwalk on Wall Street? - limited menu: Pizza, Charcuterie, cheese plates & salad, but a really eclectic affordable wine list.

                              1. I will second Fat Cat in Norwalk...Jeff's Cuisine in Norwalk for take out barbeque...Ralph and Rich's in Bridgeport for "old school" Italian...Carl Anthony's in Monroe for "new school" Italian...way up the line in Orange is Baja for great Mexican food with zero ambiance (no mariachi band, I promise) it's worth the hike...Sally's Pizza in New Haven of course...My Big Fat Greek Market in Wilton for take out Greek...

                                1. A new restaurant just opened in Fairfield. It's called Osianna, and it is right off the Post Road near the Firehouse Deli on Reef Rd. I had a large bowl of mussels for lunch that were absolutely to die for. Cute, small space as well and fun for sitting on the patio and enjoying some great seafood!
                                  Also try Tai Pan in Westport for good Thai.
                                  Lime in Norwalk is incredible fresh, gourmet, yet surprisingly inexpensive.
                                  The Venezualian Beach Cafe, also in Norwalk, is pretty delicious. Don't be put off by the exterior of the building. It's a hidden gem.
                                  Good luck!

                                  1. Nicholas Roberts, New American place on Main St. in Norwalk around the corner from Fat Cat. It's mainly a takeout counter for their catering business, but there is BYOB lunch everyday, and dinner on Friday and Saturday.

                                    I tried it the other day after picking up a menu at their wine shop in Darien. Pretty spare, IKEA-esque decor, but otherwise very good food and service.

                                    1. Meigas on Wall Street in Norwalk is one of my favorites. Wine Spectatore called it one of the best Spanish restaurants in the country. Also, try Solaia in Greenwich. Recently received an excellent from Patricia Brooks in the NY Times. The room is a little tight but the food is fantastic.