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Jun 29, 2006 04:04 AM

Some Quick Questions About Mei Long Village

I've been there several times and have liked everything so far. However, I'm planning to take some vegetarians there and now that I look at their takeaway menu, some questions come up:

- Is it safe to assume the "neutralized goose" appetizer is the cold bean curd based dish usually called vegetarian duck or goose in other Shanghai-ish restaurants? Is this worth ordering there?

- Would their "steamed vegetable dumplings" be of the xiao long bao variety or not? If so, is it any good in comparison with the usual pork or crab & pork offering (which I do find very good indeed)?

- Are there any standout vegetable dishes to order (either as cold appetizer or main dish)?


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  1. The neutralized goose is quite good at MLV. It is prepared in the traditional Shanghai-nese Buddhist fashion, using layers of tofu skin wrapped around minced mushrooms to approximate the texture of duck.

    The vegetable dumplings are of the xlb variety -- good, but not as savory as the pork ones.

    I can't really recall any standout vegetable dishes, I'm usually too focused on the pork spareribs and the pork rump. . . .

    1. Agree that the neutralized goose is good, we get that on most visits to Mei Long Village.

      I think one time we got something like preserved vegetables with bean curd sheets, remember it mostly as bland.

      We like the pea shoots, good for a basic green veg.

      Once when we were there with someone who ate fish and shellfish but not pork, we got vegetarian dumplings which I think were more like potstickers and less like the XLB. Anyway, we enjoyed those dumplings rather a lot, and I think they were pan-fried rather than steamed but I'm not 100% sure on that. That same time we also had the Shanghai rice cakes with just some greens, and they were great, although I'll admit to liking them better with the shreds of pork. Definitely get the rice cakes.

      1. Thanks for the replies--much appreciated.

        1. The original comment has been removed