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Jun 29, 2006 02:39 AM

Need to group messages / Search results

My first time here - I was SEARCHing for restaurants in Andover, MA so I did a search for ANDOVER in 'Boston' area. ( By SCORE) I get many hits but often the titles have subjects such as "Looking for Andover restaurant": 3 replies , 9 replies, 5 replies etc . Aren't we all? That's why we're here ! ('Advanced' offered no extra function for me) How about categorizing ALL of the restaurants under a flow like: MASSACHUSETTS-ANDOVER heading and then BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER etc. Yes the poster would need to check the boxes, but I think that would be OK with most people. Then a SEARCH for ANDOVER would respond with data in a useful format. Presently I get "Found 121 items, you are viewing 1 - 20" which doesn't really TELL me anything. I have to read the subject, the replies and then decide - was that useful ? NO ? Then click BACK = "Warning: Page has Expired ". You're making it tough for me. REFRESH = OK. NEXT. I might read all the messages only to find none apply to me. Like I said - my first time here but just wanted to let you know that this is a non-friendly interface. Even to enter THIS message, I was looking for a FEEDBACK link at the top/bottom of the pages. You should make FEEDBACK easy to find as it's (usually) constructive advice from potential viewers: many of whom will not REGISTER to complain - they'll just go elsewhere ( Even if you elect to not display it - it's good data for you).


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