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Yuengling in San Francisco?

I know the Yuengling web site (www.yuengling.com) says they only service 10 states on the eastern seaboard, but does anyone know of any speciality importers or bars who have Yuengling in or near San Francisco? The Traditional Lager and Black & Tan are two my top 20 beers, and I'm not able to make my East Coast fishing trip this year to get it. Any help appreciated!

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  1. Hello, I think it's just one of those things best enjoyed in situ. I first tried it 30 years ago, never saw it after leaving the northeast, and had it again last year going back to Va., Md., and DC. A great regional blue collar beer, far better than the more popular Rolling Rock, which sadly was bought by A-Busch and the original brewery scheduled to close(it'll be made in NJ!) I must admit though it was my recent experience of Yuengling when I had drafts of very fresh tasting stuff, that convinced me of its virtues, and I can't imagine that getting too far west of the Alleghennys. If I do run across it, I 'll post on this board. cheers

    1. Im surprised someone from San Francisco would even want a Yuengling. With so many good west coast brews available, i do not think there is a market for yuengling. It seems like Yuengling is avaliable on the East Coast as a sort of step up from bud and since most bars dont carry anything better people back east seem to like it.

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        It may be a nostalgia thing. I cut my teeth on Yuengling, so even though it's not (by far) the best beer in the world, I miss it out here in LA.

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          Some people drink Yuengling because they like it, not only because "most bars don't carry anything better".

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            Exactly. I order it a) when I am down to my last $5 and it'll leave me just enough for a tip, or b) when the other options are beer-flavored water or light beer. It's not terrible but I'd never go out of my way for it.

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            I live in San Francisco as well, I smuggle Yuengling in my luggage. Yuengling is NOT better than Sierra Nevade or Fat Tire or any of those beers, BUT it is the BEST damn Filtered, reasonably priced great tasting beer money can buy. If I had a choice for the rest of my life, Yuengling vs. ANY west coast beer, YUENGLING would be my choice.

          3. Tatum, I'll send you Yuengling if you send me Fat Tire.

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              Subinai, you've got a deal! I agree there are better beers- even in my backyard. But there is something by a cold Yuengling that makes me happy.

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                I love Yuengling, but its impossible to get Fat Tire in NYC.

                is it legal to send beer through the mail?

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                  YEs it is legal. I have seen fat tire in some bodegas in the east village. I dont know how long it was sitting there.

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                    how long ago was this? where in the east village?

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                      It would appear that it is not legal to send beer through the mail: http://www.usps.com/cpim/ftp/posters/...

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                        What a bummer! I was really hoping we could get the trade on...

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                        Have you tried Bierkraft in Park Slope? If they don't have it they'll order it.

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                          Yes, but the chances of it breaking are high. Even well padded boxes usually have one or two broken/leaking bottles. I've had bad luck with it.

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                            I trade beer all the time and have only had one bottle break out of over 100 bottles traded.

                    2. I love Yuengling. I'm lucky enough to get it when I visit the in-laws in Huntsville, Al. Double lucky when you consider that they serve it at Dreamland which has the best ribs I've ever had.
                      I live in Canada so I don't get to drink it but 4 times a year. Maybe that's what makes it so special.

                      Good hunting

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                          The whole business of shipping beer is quite dicey. People on beeradvocate and ratebeer do a lot of trading, and there's a certain amount of complaining about the treatment they get from the various shipping companies.

                        2. I'd take the risk if it meant I have a chance of getting a case of Fat Tire.

                          There must be a way!

                          1. I had a similar experience in that I visited NY State just a couple of weeks ago and had my first Yuengling's. Since then I have learned it is not for sale in Calif and that Yuengling's will not ship and has no immediate plans to expand. I have a brother in Alabama who is willing to buy and ship--I'm currently checking out the law as I won't take the chance for beer. One additional thing I am looking for--to locate a store in N.E., similar to Beverages and More (BevMo) that ships alcohol, maybe I can buy from them. And for those that wonder why it's such a big deal? Because we can't.

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                              Not in the Northeast, but close enough to carry and ship Yuengling is http://www.vintagecellar.com/ I've never had to use them (we get a LOT of beer in NJ) but have recommended them to several people and they all were happy.

                            2. Vitamin Y is great- luckily enough I am from Philly (hence the name) and go to school in DC. Plenty of Lager around. Sad to hear that some people consider it a "blue collar" beer. My father will never touch a Coors,Bud,Miller etc. but loves a cold lager on a hot afternoon...... or a cold winter nitght! (He does prefer a martini though). It is the last great beer from PA considering RR just got bought by A.B.

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                                Yuengling tasty, it good.

                                Usually inexpensive, good price to taste ratio.

                              2. I too would relish the prospect of a cold Yuengling lager in CA. I'm from here, but spent enough time in NYC, with side trips to Illadelph that taught me to appreciate Yuengling. Best cheap american beer there is, 'cause it actually tastes like something.

                                1. I would love to get some yuengling to the west coast to show everyone what beer is suppost to taist like forget thishefinvisen stuff. Or however you spell it.