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Jun 29, 2006 02:04 AM

best Mexican in Chapel Hill/Carrboro

I noticed there are a number of Mexican groceries/food joints around here. Which are the best?

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  1. Don Jose on Rosemary st on the border of chapel hill and carrboro makes some of the best authentic mexican fare around, and you can usually find the necessary ingredients to do so yourself as well. They make their own tortillas (the only tienda in the immediate area to do so, as far as i know), and if you're lucky and early enough to get there in time on saturday morning, some seriously kick ass carnitas. otherwise, do the lengua, al carbon, or al pastor for tacos, and a huevos/chorizo torta is one of the best hangover cures around for less than 6 bucks. brush up on your spanish before you go in to make sure you're getting what you order. good luck!

    1. I will have to try Don Jose........Durham has a number of quality taquerias. All you have to do is drive between 85 and Durham Regional on Roxboro St. and there are about 5 that are worth trying. Go on Sunday and you may see some traditional mole's being offered. Super Taqueria has ceviche on Sunday's and a huge condiment bar. There is also a tienda with tortilleria that makes fresh tortilla's in that area.

      1. fiesta grill is good stuff too -- 54 west of carrboro about 10-15 minutes or so. on the right hand side of the road. get something out of the ordinary. forget the quesadillas, go with the specials....carnitas are very nice, tender and crispy on the outside served with a perfect pico...mole enchiladas are on the sweet side if you like that (i think theyre great)....had some tacos there the other day, bigger than your usual taqueria tacos - tasty. they have a languiza sausage which is similar to chorizo and damn tasty. have a chorizo/bean dip appy which is out of the ordinary and good. theyre free salsa is great, tomato pureed but other veggies chunky , (onion etc) could be spicier. anyway, highly recommend...also have some whole fish dishes, had a garlic whole fried fish some time ago, was a bit overfried (dried out) but it was probably just a slip up... the 2 folks that run the floor are also really nice, take pride in their joint...its not a market though, just a restaurant...

        1. gotta second the fiesta grill rec. if you ask for spicier salsa, they'll give it to you... albeit snickering among themselves to see if a gringo can really stand it. *grin* very tasty stuff across the board, though.