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Jun 29, 2006 01:40 AM

Beef Vindaloo?

my friend was telling me that he used to eat delicious beef vindaloo in new york.

does this exist in la? i don't even know of an indian restaurant that serves beef. does it exist?

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  1. Of course it exists. At "The Clay Pit" in Brentwood they have on their menu:

    Karahi Lamb - cubes of lamb stir fried with bellpeppers, onions, tomatoes & spices 12.50

    Rogan Josh - Kashmiri lamb delicacy served in a traditional sauce 12.50

    Lamb Vindaloo - cubes of lamb cooked in a spicy sauce 12.50

    Beef Masala - strip steak cooked in a spicy traditional sauce 12.75

    When ordering, order the Vindaloo and ask them to substitute the Strip Steak in for the Lamb. That should be no problem but prossibly more easily accomplished if not on a packed Friday or Saturday night.

    1. If you want it with no potential hassle right off the Menu, then "Bombay Bite" in Westwood:

      However, IMHO, it will taste better at The Clay Pit.