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Jun 29, 2006 01:27 AM

Tandoori Salmon

I read with some amusement in today's L.A. Times food section that Chef Kerry Simon will be presenting his signature Tandoori Salmon at the newly opened Simon L.A. at the Sofitel. I first experienced Andre Guerrero's superb rendtion at Linq some five years ago and continue to where it appears nightly at his four year old Max Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. I guess everything old is new again.

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  1. In fact, it is one of my 2-3 favorite dishes at Max, and has always been a benchmark for me as to will I have the salmon, or do I want something else tonight. Cannot imagine any dish at the Sofitel, tandoori salmon or otherwise, being modestly priced like Andre's either!
    Humorously enough, also, based on Andre's dish, I now cook salmon at home with an Indian-based sauce from Trader Joe's that makes a superb dish at very modest cost.

    1. All India Cafe in Pasadena sometimes has tandoori fresh salmon as a special. Delicious and very reasonably priced.