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Jun 29, 2006 01:18 AM

Best bargain bites near/in Grand Central Terminal (with kiddo in tow)

Any thoughts on budget weekend breakfast/lunch/dinner for (2) + 8 month old near GC Terminal?

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  1. I have not tried the one in Grand Central... but I know that the Fried Chicken at Jacques Imo's in New Orleans is outstanding. It has been re-created on the Upper West Side moderately well, so I'm guessing that the Jacques Imo's in the food court at Grand Central will also be a good enough option...

    Midtown Lunch Blog:

    1. Jacques Imo's in Grand Central is NOT good for any of its food. Unfortunately, a sad cousin of the NOLA outpost.


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        Well considering how disappointed I was with the Jacques Imo's in the UWS, I was pretty sure it wouldn't live up to the New Orleans restaurant (one of my favorites)... but I was thinking for someone who had never been to New Orleans, it would probably be better then most of the other choices in that food court. Am I wrong? Is it really that bad? Or is it only bad if you compare it to New Orleans? I didn't think the UWS Jacques Imo's was terrible... I was just incredibly disappointed because I was comparing it to the one in N.O.

      2. Nope, it was pretty bad period. IMHO of course. Also one of the worst 'Po Boys I ever had. I ate maybe 1/2 of it and tossed the rest - a waste of money.


        1. Two Boots has terrific pizza, as well as pasta and sandwiches. Friendly, no hassle, out-of-the-way dining room tucked into the corner of the lower-level food court would be perfect for dining with kiddo.

          1. I had a family member visit with a 10-month old, so I've had a chance to think about this recently. Coincidentally, for a quick lunch around Grand Central, we did go to Two Boots (mother wanted pizza), and it worked out fine. Other places that would work well with decent inexpensive fare might be:

            Cafe Zaiya (41st/Madison), but you have to go in the afternoon after the lunch rush is over. They have cafeteria style seating, and you could have a little afternoon snack or sweet there, as well as the sandwiches or bento items. It's a madhouse during the lunch hours, so it's not the place to go with a stroller. But the off-hours/evenings will be fine. If the weather's nice, you can take your food to Bryant Park.

            Ess-a-Bagel (3rd Ave/51st). It's a bit of a walk from Grand Central, but you have cafeteria seating there too. Breakfast time shouldn't be a problem, but you might avoid the lunch rush.

            Comfort Diner (45th/3rd Ave). Another decent breakfast/dinner choice. Weekday lunch is a madhouse though, so probably not the best time to visit.

            Cibo (2nd Ave/41st). For a decent bargain dinner, the $29.95 dinner is a good deal, and the tables are set enough apart so you can spread out. An early dinner or brunch might work out nicely here.

            Some of the larger Japanese restaurants around Grand Central should also be good for dinner, since they tend not to be so crowded. Places like Naniwa (46th/5th), Azusa (44th/Madison) come to mind.