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Jun 29, 2006 12:53 AM

Anniversary help ! Le Cirque or a less risky option ?

This year it's my turn to book dinner for our wedding anniversary. I have a reservation at Le Cirque but after so many conflicting reports (and Sat's WSJ review), I'm worried it may be a huge disappointment. We've been to Babbo, Grammercy Tavern, Danube, Daniel, Bouley, Aquavit, Asiate, Cafe des Artistes, Nobu, March, Del Posto etc - some have impressed, most have been marginal.

My question - should I stick with Le Cirque or is there another place we've missed that will satisfy?

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  1. How about Le Bernadin? Always rated as a superior restaurant compared to anywhere, and less scene-y than Le Cirque.

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      If you are looking for something upscale, quiet, and refined... and can shell out the $100+ per person, then Le Bernardin would not be much of a gamble. It really is a great special occasion place... The only hesitation is that it does not have the energy of places you mentioned above like Babbo, GTavern or Nobu... so if that is a pre-requisite then maybe you won't be into it.

      eGustibus Food Blog:

    2. You might enjoy Aureole; it's one of my most favorite restaurants.

      1. I wouldn't exchange Le Cirque for Aureole. Le Cirque is a dramatic and extravagant setting, and might be good for an anniversary. Food is better elsewhere.

        1. Recent reports of the new chef Daniel Humm, transplanted from San Fran, at Eleven Madison Park are fantastic. And he's still kinda under the radar, so he's in the kitchen and eager to please.

          Otherwise, perhaps the inventive dishes at WD-50 might be an interesting choice.