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Jun 29, 2006 12:41 AM

Report on suggestions- thanks Baltimore hounds

I posted a request asking for help finding a small plate dinner. I suggested Mezze or Pazo and got a large number of very conflicted but helpful comments. Thanks to all of you. We chose Mezze and we liked it quite a bit. The food was very very good. I liked the greek flavors and the braised beef and the calamari were very good. We were disappointed to be seated downstairs in the bar so we never got to see the rest of the place and our table was very small for this type of place (all those plates take some space!) This was made worse by the fact that everything we ordered came out at once. We are spoiled by our version of a tapas place-AMADA in Philly. They organize things so that the food comes out a dish or two at a time. The staff at Mezze couldn't have been nicer though. Thanks to all the hounds!

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  1. Glad you liked the food. Upstairs is nothing special, I prefer the bar. Usually the plates come out one or two at a time. Thanks for reporting back.

    1. agreed that upstairs is nothing special; it's pretty cramped there too. i usually try to eat outside if possible.

      i think the conflicting responses is because (IMO) baltimore is not the greatest tapas place in the world.

      but glad you enjoyed it. thanks very much for the report back; something that i personally wish that more people would do.