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Jun 29, 2006 12:18 AM

Anyone been to Jedediah Hawkins in Jamesport?


Mrs. Guido and I will be visiting the North Fork in Aug, and heard there's a new place - Jedediah Hawkins, in Jamesport? Any reports?

BTW, I'm not happy with the new format of Chowhound; anyone else feel the same? Can't just do a simple "find" from my browser any more.


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  1. LONG...I just happened to be there last weekend and was planninng on writing. My laziness got the best of me, but now I must answer your call.

    Hadn't been to South Jamesport in several years and was surprised and intrigued when IM made the left onto South Jamesport Avenue to see this glorious Victorian mansion, where there was just overgrown weeds at one time. Apparently, the mansion was always there, albeit terribly rundown - that's how overgrown it was! The restored mansion now is stunning inside and out, with lovely grounds. The rooms were warm and homey, yet still quite elegant. I want to live there. Seriously.

    We ate that first night at the Bayview Inn (which was excellent), and had planned to grill seafood and corn for ourselves the next night. Alas, the never ending rain on our beachy long weekend kept us from those plans. Saw and ad in one of the free magazines, saw that it was a Tom Schaudel restaurant and we said, it can't be bad? Let's go. (Mostly I really just wanted to be inside that beautiful building).

    We ordered martinis, which were both perfect (his Beefeater, mine Ketl One). The waiter, Dave, presented us with an amuse bouche of crab on top of heirloom tomato. For appetizers, he had the foie gras in a blackberry sauce which was sublime. He ordered a glass of sauterne , but they were out of it. They offered an alternative, which he enjoyed. My appetizer was the low point of the meal, and by low, I don't mean terribly low. Blue crab meat over avocado in a cold tropical "soup". The "soup" really was over powering in it's tropical fruitiness and pretty much all I tasted. It wasn't that bad , quite refreshing, but not something I would order again or suggest.

    I cannot remember exactly what he had as an entree and I had scallops over locally grown vegetables in some sort of light broth. The scallops were good - usally if they are good then they good, if you know what I mean. But, the vegetables! They were so sweet and slightly crunchy and so fresh I believe someone may have picked them just that day. I could have eaten another entree of just the vegetables. As I said, I don't remember what he had. All I recall is both of us saying over and over again, "Oh my god, this is so awesome".

    My boyfriend was not satisfied with the second bottle of wine, which we had ordered to have with desert (yes, we drank a lot - it was vacation and we just spent the entire day in the rain :) ) It was a gewurztraminer. Daave the waiter worked with us on this and soon enough Tom Shcaudel was at our table offering an alternative (a half-bottle of ice wine). He was gracious and relaxed, and quite friendly. My boyfriend and him actually know some of the same people and he chatted for a bit with us. It was the third time that night that I saw him up in the dining rooms.

    We ordered desert that was so good, that after dinner at a different restaurant the next night, we returned to Jedediah's for desert and after dinner drinks.

    The tab came to about three hundred including tip, which is pretty decent considering the cocktails and two bottles of wine. We generally like good food, cheap or pricey, and this was defintiely worth every penny. Overall, great place to physically be in, friendly, knowledgeable service, and incredibly fresh and delicious food.

    P.S. - Seafood Barge was not good at all.

    1. Thanks for the great reply! Much appreciated.

      1. The wife and I ate there over the weekend. The food was generally excellent, even if there were a few service hiccups.
        We arrived on a stormy Sunday, which was problematic in that we had reserved a couple of weeks before an outdoor table. We thought they would accommodate us indoors. They did, but downstairs in the wine cellar, which also serves as their casual dining venue.
        We ordered off of the main menu, though.
        After a calamari amuse bouche -- that came after the runner first brought us someone else's appetizers, we shared a tuna tartare done three ways -- all right for what it was, but nothing transcendental in taste or preparation.
        The wife ordered an exquisite poached lobster special, which was worth the $36 tab. I went for soft-shell crabs with roasted vegetables, which were sublime.
        Dessert was a rather decadent bread pudding.
        While nothing's cheap on the menu, a very pleasant surprise was the extremely fair wine prices, especially for North Fork vintages.
        Initially, it was a little annoying when they tried to pawn off the wrong year of a Pinot Blanc I had ordered, then came back and said the wine list hadn't been updated and would you rather order something else. That turned out to be a local Borghese 2005 Sauvignon Blanc for $30, which was a seamless complement to the seafood.
        Definitely worth the trip, even in the rain.