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Jun 29, 2006 12:18 AM

Best take-out lasagna in the East Bay?

Might pickup take-out lasagna for a birthday dinner (comfort food!). I would have preferred to make it myself, but work and family both demand a lot these days. Anywhere in or near Berkeley is perfect. Alternatives to lasagna appreciated too. Thanks!

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  1. Dopo on Piedmont does a good lasagna. Not sure if its available for take-out.

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      Dopo's lasagne is really good, though it's not always on the menu. I think they do takeout--call 652-3676 to ask.

      I'm sure I've seen it at Pasta Shop.

      Maybe Genova or Zarri's for something more Italian-American.

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      1. Lasagne is the only take-out pasta you can get at Dopo (they won't allow take out for their other pasta dishes as they don't want them to get gummy in the box). I've never had it there, but my husband loves it.

        1. Genova is your best bet. The quantities are huge. My neighbor got a container for a party and it served twice as much as recommended. I haven't had Dopo's lasagna--I can't resist the pizza when I'm there but it might be expensive to get enough for a party.

          1. It's only 4 people, so it's not a huge amount. But perhaps you're right, it may not be cost effective, to go to Dopo. Plus, it might already be cooked and get soggy.